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  1. How do you manage to survive the pressure and bulling for being a hard core born again Christian in this era of so called political correctness? Are you afraid of being sue for you Faith?
  2. Nope. Not afraid. Standing on the word of God amidst bullying and cajoling strengthens our stand. God is our protector and our defender. In the end, we receive a crown of glory.

    1 Peter 5:4 (NLT)
    And when the Great Shepherd appears, you will receive a crown of never-ending glory and honor.

    Psalm 56:11
    In God I have put my trust;
    I will not be afraid.
    What can man do to me?

    Psalm 118:6
    The Lord is on my side;
    I will not fear.
    What can man do to me?

    It's going to be worth it!

  3. The only way to manage is by spending tons of time with God.
  4. Do you guys fill that we are living Laodicea's time?
  5. We are living on the edge of the end.
  6. I am a teacher of teens up here in MA, and I am trying to come up with "pratical" ideas to counter atrack these pressures and help them to grow in you have any?
  7. Take them through a mini-course on one-on-one evangelizing. William Fay has a wonderful book and teaching called, "Share Jesus Without Fear". There are some recordings and a video in the link below from His website. If the kids can develop a boldness in sharing their faith, they can do anything.
  8. Thank you brother I will take a look!
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  9. The best advice I could give you is to lead by example. Sometimes we worry too much about what to say, but the Bible tells us the Holy Spirit will speak through us when the time comes. Until then be kind, gentle and personable, and they will look up to you.
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  10. Understood your point, but only if I am in front of persecuters, I will do as you mention. Other wise, My calling is to do both at same time. To lead by exemple but also to go push the borders of Hades! Again, thats my call and I know that...I am very worried of warm waters! Thats why I need specfic stratgies of counter atack...
  11. The only offensive weapon we carry with our suit of armour is the sword of the Spirit. those who take their call to arms seriously as soldiers of Christ, make sure they familiarize themselves with the word.
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  12. lol...absolutly!
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  13. I am not afraid. Not in the least. Just annoyed at the thought of seeing my wife and kids suffer. I will kill before that happens.

    Nothing beats actual evangelism. The reality of what you doing hits home. You are making a stand for Jesus. You are sharing Him. You judge yourself in that moment. A Holy Spirit fire is ignited inside us and we feel like we are ready to preach to anyone, even Nero. I think the best you can do for them is to help God stir this flame. Saturday trips to old age homes, homeless shelters, hospitals and 'maybe' prisons is what I would propose. Some open ministry among yourselves would also work.

    2 Tim 1:6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.
  14. Please identify what a "hard core" born again Christian is.

    Not sure how to proceed from here.
  15. The opposite of soft core, duh!
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  16. The best counter I can come up with is this...Humble Apologetics.

    I say humble because anything we do to counter attacks shouldn't be for revenge, but should be done to recognize that we are still sinners, just like anyone else, including our enemies.

    But apologetics -- really understanding one's faith, through reason and logic, through the heart, and knowing it backwards and forwards allows you to fall in love with God more and more, but it also strengthens confidence. The more you know something and find its truth, the more you not only fear going into the lions' den, you even take joy in it.
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  17. Great answers! I love Euphemia's and LS's responses.. For me, they were spot on!

    First, I try to remind myself that the anchor of my faith is in Jesus Christ.. Nothing else.. Everything else could be shaken.. For example, my will power, my abilities, my intellectual, etc.. But when the anchor is in Jesus Christ, it cannot be shaken.. The enemy will try to make us rely on our strength than His. Because once we start putting our trust somewhere else, he can shake us quite easily..

    Second, we would learn to trust God more and more only when we get to know Him more and more. That is why Bible uses the word "seek" so much. We have to seek His face, seek His righteousness and so on.. And we can learn more about God only through his word.. And only Holy Spirit can shed light on His word to reveal it to us..

    When these 2 things fall in place, we will be a better witness for Jesus and can withstand persecution..

    1 Peter talks a great deal about withstanding persecution.. I think we can learn plenty from there as well.. That would give a whole different look on how we should look at persecution..
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