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  1. If anyone feels like it when they get that error message again push CTRL+Print Screen and paste (CTRL+V) into an image editor (or straight into the body of the email if your email allows you to do that) and then email the file to Jeff . the print screen button is usually in the top right corner of the keyboard above the numpad .

    but if that's too labour intensive . copy pasting the error text as has already been done should suffice . i think the only other information the screenshot gives is browser, and time of error because of windows clock .
  2. Just got it now

    This is the error that causes reposts . but since i knew what i posted was posted . so i did not re-post . by clicking post .
  3. All these errors seem to begin with twitter in the first line of coding . but maybe that's the way the coding is structured .
  4. I haven't had any problem except sometimes a post doesn't want to go thru. That just might be my PC.
  5. Now every time when I click to another part of the forum , it records at the bottom of my screen and I have multiple windows . That never happened before .
  6. To get a screen shot, and I'm not sure if EVERY keyboard has this, but there's a button usually up on the top row that says PrtSc SysRq. If you find that anywhere on your keyboard, click that. Then go to the Paint program and paste it into it. Save it. And then post it here so Jeff can forward it to the technician. Since this has only happened to me once, I can't really do it until it happens again. It's weird that it's happening to other people but not me!
  7. That happend to me yesterday, it showed up on the main board but it took 3 clicks to finally show the post.
  8. Hey Katie .... the one I took I just copied and pasted .... easy peesy .... LOL .... I don't like all these figure out ways ... Nice and simple that's the way I like it ah ha ah ha ..... LOL

  9. From the error message, it looks like you are right, Near. I've disabled it now. Let me know if that helped.
  10. Thanks Jeff for your quick response

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