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  1. Jeff

    Jeff, where are you?

    I think he needs to be here as the fatal errors are becoming more frequent, and this is not something to take lightly.
  2. I think he's out of the country for awhile
  3. He has been sent an Email from Godbe4me but yes he is in India right now.
  4. I just got another fatal error again . 4:19 PM . and then was not let back in . Help
  5. I don't want to sound antsy, but Jeff is barely even here to run the forums...or to contribute as an 'owner'. It's really getting on my nerves.

  6. I keep getting them every time I post a thread. It seems to be caused the the Twitter app. on the page. Probably needs to be removed because it's really getting on my nerves.
  7. TO EVERYONE: Please be patient :) Jeff is doing what he can do at this time. :)
    As of right now, he is in India. And I'm not sure when he'll be able to access a computer. But when he does come on, I'm sure he will get right on it!

    I understand it's frustrating to keep seeing these yucky codes!
  8. I'm not having any of those problems, so I'm wondering what is different for Dusty and Nearer? Browser? Internet provider/connection? Features in use? I'm no computer expert and I'm just thinking out loud, here, but maybe the right question posed in a diagnostic frame of mind will spark an idea in someone's thinkerator.
  9. I'm using Mozilla Firefox on a HP Windows Vista laptop computer. I even tried it on my grandmother's brand new desktop computer on IE and Google Chrome - same thing there. My Macbook had a seizure and kept getting the fatal errors, too. It only happens when I post a thread so...IDK what's going on.

    Now, on the modem I can't answer anything about that for you, I have no idea - other than for the fact I just know it's a broadband high-speed connection internet modem that is operated through Time Warner Cable. We got a new copper wire cable which solved any problems we might have encountered and increased the connectivity and speed by about 15%, so it was really odd that I kept having these problems as the only time my computer acts stupid and has a 'cough' is when I don't update something or the connection got murdered. Which it hasn't.

  10. Oh, and don't jinx yourself, Rum. I did that once, and I regretted it. Not being superstitious, it just seems that issues love for people to say, "Never happened to me," so that they can bite you in the butt and say, 'Never happened to ya, huh? Yeah, whatevah'.
  11. I wasn't able to log in during travel because at one place it used to constantly log me out as soon as I am in and here in India, connection's a tat slower but that's okay. No problem is, I haven't see the error so a screenshot would be really helpful. I'll then forward that to the tech people.

    By the way, thanks for reporting the issue. :)
  12. Dusty, where's that thread where you posted the coding you saw on the screen? it's more like a screenshot .. and might help Jeff .
  13. I was having a problem with the site loading at one time and it appeared to be crashing my computer . so i went to click "firewall lockdown" but it was messing with everything so i pulled the plug on the modem . and after the modem booted up again . everything was fine . but not sure if that has anything to do with this issue . but this site has never gotten even close to overloading anything and all i was doing was viewing new posts . so i'd say that was odd also .
  14. Two nights ago I could not even type properly cause all my letters would not show and my caps kept locking and I could not release it even though I had not touched it . Also you can ask psalm91 every time I sent a message the letters kept going rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like this and I was not holding down the key .

    Well the next day I took authority in Jesus name and commanded all this to stop and for satan to be gone in Jesus name and now my keyboard if fine . Thank you Jesus .

    You all might think I am crazy, but that's ok . I am crazy for Jesus .
  15. Not crazy at all . i noticed an increase of oppression whilst you guys were mentioning those errors . but the canary in the coal mine bit is probly getting a bit old for you guys .
  16. Jeff .... Now there is double posting as well .
  17. Yeah what happens is .

    you get a short error message .

    and if you click back in your browser and post again it will let you .

    but if you click on the section the post would be contained in and open in new tab . then you can avoid it because you know it was posted and not need to post again .

  18. Here is the screen that I saw Jeff .


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