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  1. Jeff...

    Although the background is nice and good idea but when you go to the profile it is very hard to read as the background overtakes the writing in the profile .
  2. Dusty
    I can read it all except the very top line where it says the name.

    But on this page for instance, it says forum information and others things that is hard to see.
  3. No, go to your profile and see . I cannot read mine. the background is too prominent .
  4. The only thing I can't read on yours or anyone's profile is the very top line that says 'member list' and their name (or my name )
  5. You know Miss Dusty..I just seen what you are talking about..and I's nice and pretty and all but it's TOO busy with all of the little graphics.
  6. Ok Dusty

    I see what you're saying now. You can't read "about me" at all. I had just gone to the profile itself and could read that part.
  7. Thank you Miss Puppy ... I suppose it is my old eyes . I find it very distracting .
  8. Sorry , I did not explain myself too well ... That's where I meant..... Duh !!!!!!
  9. That's ok. I should have looked at everything on the profile and I would have known
  10. Background on page

    I really do appreciate all the work that goes into this Forum. Have not been here in a few. But may I make a suggestion? The background with the lettering of Jesus Christ makes it very hard to see everything.

    It looks very busy and it is hard to see all the other wording for links and such.

    Again I appreciate all you do.

  11. I don't get any of that background problem . but i think from what you're describing it sounds like the background is implemented in a way that only works on some browsers . (or higher versions of some browsers) .. maybe . maybe not . just a thought .
  12. Just popping in on this thread as well.. It is just way to hard and confusing....
  13. I must say that I too appreciate all the hard work that goes into this forum,
    however I also must say that I agree with the others.

    The background IS beautiful but a bit too busy and makes it difficult to see everything.

    Thanks for listening. Or, should I say thanks for "reading?


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