Jean Philippe Rameau - Les Fêtes d'Hébé

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  1. Jean Philippe Rameau - Les Fêtes d'Hébé





    Rich and lush, French Baroque Opera stands today, still, as one of the most sensual and lavish pleasures of the era. Simple melodies turn into romantic dreams, chords strike warm notes within the heart, and the female voice turns into the song of a delicate lark. Masters such as Rameau and Lully were skilled at the art of operatic composition, which requires not only mastery of melody, but mastery of emotion and sensitivity, color and circumstance.

    Jean Philippe Rameau

    Photo - Claire-Marie Osta - danseuse étoile - Opéra de Paris (Ballet) - dans le ballet, Clavigo, par Roland Petit (rôle - Marie)
  2. I felt drawn to this one . and i wasn't disappointed . thank you again Near .
  3. You're welcome. I thought I might spice up the forum a bit by posting some pieces I found today...



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