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  1. Jazz & Soul

    Hi all.
    I was just wondering.
    How many Jazz fans do we have here?
    And Soul fans ?
    Jazz for me comes striaght after Praise & Worship music.
    I love it.
    When i'm not in Praise & Worship, I'm relaxing with Jazz.

    Heres some of my favorites.

    London Town - Light of the World - Brill -

    Richard Elliot -

    Ronny Jordan -

    Walter Beasley -

    Chris Standring -

    Jeff Golub -

    Jeff Lorber -

    Kim Waters - One Of my Top Favs! -

    Michael Buble -

    Hardsoul & Ron Carroll -

    Enojy. :)
  2. Been a while since I've really sat down and gave Jazz a whirl, but I like it. Just hasn't fit my "mood" in a while. More specifically, I've been too tired lately to really listen to it without nodding off.
  3. I like Jazz, at least some kinds of jazz like the big band sound, and blues too.
  4. love Jean-Luc Ponty
  5. Hey, thanks, B2LY~ I'll check those out.
    Jazz is very relaxing!
    My husband and I listen to it when we're in the car and I have a couple songs on my playlist.
  6. Oh yeah, I LOVE big bands. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers, Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby. I'm all about that.

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