Jamie Oliver Enlists Pastor's Help for 'Food Revolution'

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  1. Jamie Oliver Enlists Pastor's Help for 'Food Revolution'

    Renowned British chef Jamie Oliver is in the United States to lead a "food revolution" and help Americans eat healthy. And for Pastor Steve Willis, the celebrity chef's bold move is an answer to his prayers.

  2. Well .... Let's hope he doesn't swear as much as he does on TV .
  3. Yes he really has a foul mouth and honestly its just not necessary at all.. it must be that these people who have got to constantly swear think it makes them macho or cool. I hate it. I must say as far as his cooking goes he's pretty good... but I do wish he would wash his herbs and veges before he cooks them.

  4. I thought you were going to say you wish he would wash his mouth out with soap! LOL
  5. I think he amybe has them washed already before the show but the ones he picks form his garden .... I don't see him washing but I guess he figures they are organic and don't need to be washed cause when I pick my herbs in the summer I don't wash them .
  6. Godspeaks he needs more than soap to clean him up ...he needs The Lord to cleanse his heart then his mouth will also be clean :)
  7. So true! :D
  8. Well hopefully if he is partnered with a pastor he will .

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