James, brother ?

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  1. James, brother ?

    Brothers and sisters

    Can someone please help me with James being the brother or half-brother of Jesus?
    Mary having a second child?

    With biblical proof (I know there's a verse in Matthew, I forgot where) and some explanation please.

    It's been confusing me for a long time :'( :(:( :confused:ahh:confused:

    your brother Ramsey
  2. Here it is:

  3. I never knew Mark had more than 16 chapters :p:p:p

    thanks brother! now I just need more explanation :(
  4. Mary and Joseph would, and obviously did, have children. And, in reality, they would have been Jesus's half-brothers and half-sisters.
  5. that's too simple :p yet it's true and makes sense LOL.

    It was just hard for me to admit that in my head but suddenly it's not hard lol thanks :)
  6. The scripture declares that Joe didn't know Mary in the biblical sense until Jesus was born, It was a quite natural thing for a sweet little Jewish girl to have many children and they believed that to be a blessing from God. He would be Jesus half brother though- the same mom but a different Father as Jesus came from , was and always will be God.

    Mat 1:24 And Joseph, being roused from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took his wife,
    Mat 1:25 and did not know her until she bore her son, the First-born. And he called His name JESUS.
  7. Of course that was the timing. Jesus was born first. Thanks.
  8. Thanks a lot my brethren!

  9. As I am sure you have worked out HMS intended to type chapter 3 not chapter 30.

    Also look at Galatians 1:19 But other of the apostles saw I none, save James the Lord's brother
  10. What does HMS mean :S ?

    By the way I know you made a mistake but I didn't even think it could be 3 LOL, I was at work and in a rush so I couldn't focus on which you meant :p

    Thanks for these verses :)

    I feel better now about all of this :)

    Thanks also Larry for that short information concerning Jewish girls, it has also helped me accept this.
  11. Yes, I did. Thanks for catching that. I've edited the post.
  12. Thanks a lot for this info really. I'm actually using it on someone who believes that Mary was always a virgin (kind of like me :p but different). Ehem. :p
    God bless!
  13. Ramsey, you may wish to refer to the study on the topic provided in the URL listed below. It goes in to much more detail than other similar studies and may give you additional information for your friend...

    Did Jesus Have Brothers and Sisters?

    All the best to you in your studies. May God bless.
  14. Thanks a lot brother Gary :) I appreciate this
    especially since it's short and straight to the point.
    God bless :)

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