James 5&6

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  1. Today in church we discussed James 5 & 6.

    The pastor had a seies of questions to ask us (starting with easy ones):
    Would you tell your coworker that he/she has bad breath?
    Would you tell your friend they have something in their teeth?

    Would you point out to your Christian friend a sin in their life?

    James 5 and 6 tells us that we should do this. Of course it should be done in a loving way witht he right intentions. And should probably be done in private.

    This can be hard. Do you do this? Do you normally get good or bad feedback?
  2. I would.

    Just because we get offended (by people being true to us), it does not mean they are wrong.

    For example, in American Idol competition, Simon Cowell often say things like, "You're the worst singer I've ever seen!" and in this case, does that mean Simon is wrong?

    I seriously do not think Christians are meant to be easy, tweety and hello kitty kind. In order for Christians to be the head and not the tail, we must excel. In order to rule, we must accept corrections.

    My thoughts. :)
  3. agree but sensitivity is needed...words kill
  4. another thought cc, is the plank and prickle parable
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  5. Depends in the person, depends on the offence and it depends on what you regard as sin.
  6. very true indeed
  7. I believe God wants us to #1 Be loving, #2 Be obedient to His Word, #3 Be Faithful, If we do this things-then correcting other believers should not be difficult. Though we know this is not the case because we live in a fallen world.

    Believers cannot correct unbelievers in things that are of God; that is why we are commanded to preach the Gospel to unbelievers.

    There are processes outlined in the Bible for correction of each other.
  8. drs, the Believers cannot correct unbelievers in things that are of God

    what is the prophets duty? ;;_)
  9. Yes and the correction of believers as well. One of the best is in Matthew 18:15, 17...
  10. Did the prophets not profess to the 'children of God'? And when God chose to send a prophet to unbelievers- it was a message of repentance, salvation and obedience to the living God-Jonah, Jesus Christ. (The Gospel)

    >Lest we forget that the 'scriptures' are directed towards the Children of the Lord.<

    Let me further clarify:

    As believers; we are commanded to be a separate people-like the Hebrews of old. Our Christian culture is supposed to reflect the Holiness of God. We are are supposed to be the example that others 'see' and want to be. When they 'hear' the Word with an open heart-then comes faith, repentance, salvation and obedience to the Lord. THEN comes teaching the ways of God and correction in the Law. God has a process.

    How short we fall...
  11. I'm confused: are you saying God never sent prophets to believers with messages of "repentance, salvation and obedience to the living God"?

    Or am I not hearing your fuller thoughts here?
  12. Yes God did send prophets to unbelievers with the 'Gospel'; the examples I used: 1 OT Jonah and 2 NT Jesus Christ.

    But there is a distinct difference between the sharing of the Gospel and Correction in God's law.

    We are commanded to spread the Gospel-not correct unbelievers in God's law. ( I made this mistake with my own unsaved family for 2 years after my salvation and did quite a bit of damage.)
  13. This I whole-heartily agree with. This is why I find it odd that Christians whine about the morals of the unsaved.
  14. Preach the Gospel!!!! '....to all creatures big and small....' :D

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