James 1:17

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  1. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

    Far too many Believers use this scripture to justify far to many things.

    You Will have many Good and Wonderful Opertunities come your way.
    They may bring bigger homes, more money and even seem to meet some need out there.

    Believers all around you may say, it must be God look how Good it is.
    Look it meets that need you saw.
    It just has to be God.

    Too many folks are moved by feelings and self excitement and claim it's God.

    Not Necessarily True!!
    God may have Different Plans and they may not at first look as Good but in the end they will have become the best plans all the way around.

    There is a Huge Difference Between
    Want to and Went
    Called To and Sent

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  2. Fish Catcher Jim, Yes, this is so well said and so true! Jesus, himself, is an example plus how many more in scriptures. God's way is the best way. :)
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  3. Yeh we've all got free will and the power of choice And even when we think we haven't, say like we are in prison, and we pray for freedom, this freedom could come in a normal way like being released and doing your time or come about in a very strange way like an alien shapceship plummeting through your cell window breaking your big toe and thus meeting your out of this world partner( ok I know that sounds a bit far fetched, but ya know what I mean lol))..
    As long as we believe we're free and see ourselves on the other side of the fence, with faith, eventually, How we get free is Down To The Father through The Lord. Come rain or shine
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  4. Oh and did I mention victor frankl
    Well I have now
  5. Hello FC Jim;
    I am blessed by how you are very straight up with your threads, brother. Thank you!

    There were many times my wife and I went without stuff. One day when we were married our first year we had only one income and a few bucks before payday. So we gave thanks to the Lord for what little we had, walked 10 blocks to Safeway to save gas, bought a small can of tuna, a loaf of bread and a small can of frozen lemonade. When we came home we had tuna sandwiches and cold lemonade. That was and will always be the BEST dinner she and I ever had, give God all the glory!

    What comes to mind in James 1:17 is we didn't have much stuff in 1985 but we did have each other, holding hands during our walk to and from the super market and just realizing God's light upon my wife and me, blessing us with the good and perfect gift, of each other! I believe the reason I remember this is because God called our marriage and was forming our early relationship to face all the things to come.

    Today in 2017 we still enjoy tuna sandwiches (Charlie and I are still friends), cold lemonade but with a side of bon bons. lol!

    Through the years God has always provided our needs, lovingly, but when we have a daily relationship with Jesus, reading (not just reading but enjoy reading) His Word, we get perspective (is that the right word?) of how much God blesses us with the little things like holding my wife's hand, or when she comes home from shopping and brings me a new T shirt.

    God bless you, FC Jim!
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  6. Awesome testimony! Put tears of joy in my eyes. And a great reminder of the Apostle Paul's words.. of learning to be truly content in all situations

    Blessings to you and your wife :)
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  7. bobinfaith, this is a joy to read! Thanks for bringing a smile to the start of this day. God love you!

    We have been married 56 years in July. And the simple things shared still bring the most precious memories as we thank God for it all. :)
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  8. Thank you sir!
    I went for over 20 some years, struggling and walking away and back and away and back because no one took the time to simple speak His truth instead of sugar coated anecdotes that did nothing for me.

    When some one comes and wants prayer to have God do what He told them to do, I am not going to join in loads of prayers that will only make the flesh feel good and do nothing for the spirit, instead I will set the straight by telling them the truth with His word.

    I actually had several people try to correct me on this. They said if they ask for prayer on something then pray for them as they want because God knows what to do.

    No sir, that won't happen. Why? Because it's deception! Why pray something God is not going to answer?

    Pray that God will keep me from telling lies or yelling at people or looking at porn or pray God keeps me from sinning or Pray God will not allow the devil to bother me and so forth.

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  9. Thank you Sir for sharing this with me and everyone else. God is Good that is for sure.

    I know that feeling, there have been times I was so poor I could not afford to Pay attention but I never went hungry or cold .

    God Bless you and your Wife!
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