Jade Helm?????

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Major, Apr 17, 2015.

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  2. Hard to say any more... we see how much our police are murdering our citizens and now we see the military playing war games off the "reservation" among the civilians. Then you have over 200 "FEMA" camps throughout the east coast. When you start putting ALL these things together, what else are we to think than conspiracy? Certainly lunacy of government. What about the poor woman arrested for giving food to the homeless! :mad: Maranatha! :cry: :cautious: :speechless:
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  3. I hadn't heard the term Jade Helm but in browsing youtube..there was one video I saw where there are literally thousands of "camps" set up throughout the US (particularly in Texas) that are presently unused that are literally detention centers. I forgot the video but they had several dozen photos of these different sites. I dislike saying it but it makes sense if there is a crash that "they" are preparing for in martial law type terms. I had a dream about it where the population as all put in cages - but I escaped by flying. We live in "interesting times". Pray very hard.

    Echo: Maranatha
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  4. I would point out that news reports today talk about the National Guard being called out in Ferguson, referred to the protesters as "enemy forces". American civilians as the enemy......
  5. Must have been God talking to you.
  6. In a nutshell, what is Jade Helm?
  7. It is the military (US) name for "training" maneuvers to be held in Texas in Sept., 2015 in practice - preparations the government is going to practice for out of control conditions in the country. At least that is what I gathered from the opening post link made by Major. If you have read the posts in economic downturn (thread) then you may notice that there are predictions for an irrevocable economic crash in Sept. Read "The Harbinger" by Cahn regarding shemitah/shmita and America under judgement and Sabbath year consequences.
  8. Sounds a bit scary, but I am looking forward to it. I want to die before I have a chance to pull away from the Christian faith. But may God's will be done.
  9. Out of the keyboards of babes..:) God IS in control and all who love Him need have no fear. There is no absolutes as to if and when this will happen, tho. Pray hard and be ready.
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  10. I also do not think we must pray for death. Many is such times will need help, we can provide that. How we handle the chaos that is to come will likely be testament to our faith in Him.
    I'm actually looking forward to the day the worlds monetary system fails. Nothing is above YHVH, even if you do not want to admit Him.
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  11. Silk, I was very reluctant to post this as I am very wary of "Conspiracy" theories. The reason why I did it is that as I said, a National Guard officer friend of mine is the one who informed me. That caused an alarm to go off. He is in the know.

    NOW.......one of the things that marshal laws does is ELIMINATE national elections. With 2016 looing just over the hill top, it caused me concern.

    Do you see anything sinister here???
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  12. Does that mean Obama will stay president until he dies?
  13. Just because one is paranoid doesn't mean they're still not out to get you :p
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  14. It's not part of our Constitution so it's 100% uncharted territory.
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  15. Thank God.
  16. I see it as part of a pattern, of preparation for something that many people in power seem to think will happen. Altho, I wasn't totally positive nothing would happen on 12/21/12 - I was 99% pretty sure nothing would happen. That the warning was false. This time, I am more thinking that prophecy will come to fruition in Sept., 2015. And I think the "other side" is aware of it 100%. Too many times, have people called out "the sky is falling" and now the population at large no longer listens. And no one seems to be trying to do anything about it. My feeling is that large gatherings should be held to pray AND repent..
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  17. The way things are going...you will most likely be raptured. And as long as you keep your focus on God...you will never pull away. God is training you now and preparing you for the future.
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  18. Could be. Seems rather sinister to me.
  19. 12/21/12 was a farce so that when the real alarm should sound, they'll call all Chicken Little and ignore the message. Why do you think so many have come out of the woodwork claiming He's coming in 150 days, 50 days, 10 day, tomorrow, wait I was wrong next fall... it's to dull the hearing of the lost and cause the faithful to question their faith. Too many don't take the word of God literally which is why there's so much confusion. Those that have the power are too few to show what's possible so other "belief" rise up until we have 41,000 denominations. Nothing will change except turning away, until the Two Witnesses show up, the temple rebuilt or the rapture happens, then someone's theology is gonna change. Ask anyone under twenty if they know of the Marx Brothers, most will say they don't know who they are... it just takes one generation to forget Bill Graham and who Jesus is. The last generation will witness the Holy Spirit pour out on ALL flesh so no one can say "But I didn't know." Let's all stay in the word of God. :D
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