J2 Is Coming!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Starshine, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. J2 Is Coming!

    And she has the most horrible screen name. She had to get a new email addy because her regular one is just business and the second is all family. She had a yahoo address she was going to use but it's dead.
    She's coming! And wait til you see her screen name. She is just too much!
    God bless,
  2. Can't wait to meet her now. :D
  3. Hello and may God bless all of you and yours! I'm Joyce, Star's second mom/big sis/pain in the neck...:D
    So good to be here, I have seen so much. I thank all of you for looking out after "my" little one. She's a very lovely lady.
    I told her I was coming in with the nicname "Monster" and she was having a fit. Haha!
    Bless you all, and now Star is going to lead me around by the nose LOL!
    Blessings and Peace,
  4. Okay you fooled me! Good to see you here! We'll have fun.

  5. Hello and welcome
    If you get tired of being led around by the nose, just exhale real hard… works every time.:rolleyes:
  6. I tried that. It didn't work, this kid is so stubborn....:D
    Peace and blessings,
  7. Welcome to our family Joyce!!!!!
    I hope you hve a great time here getting to know everyone and I look forward to reading your posts.
    Many blessings in Christ, brother Larry.
  8. Welcome Joyce! The family that prays together stays together.
  9. Welcome

    Hi Joyce. Welcome to the forum! The name you choose here is irrelevant as the heart speaks volumes.
  10. Thank you all! I just did that to tease Star. She knew what she was doing when she found you all!
    Peace and blessings,
  11. Welcome to the forum, Joyce! Its good to see you have a sense of humor! Makes life so much easier, dont it?
    I'd like to invite you to the Coffee House, Starshine can come to. Although, its hard to drink coffee or tea when someone has a hold of your nose! ha!:D
  12. [​IMG]Yay! Photobucket is back on!

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