I've lost over 30lbs in 7 months :)

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  1. I've lost over 30lbs in 7 months :)

    Hey all.

    After working as an office assistant, I got pretty out of shape. I was flabby and weak. But I felt the Lord calling me to become a police officer. So I'm now in school, and working out. I've been working on loosing weight for a while, I was 198lbs, I am now I 165lbs. I've got to bulk up a bit, but thats what the next 12 months are for. :) I just wanted to share my progress, and if anyone wants hints on what worked for me I'll be willing to give them. And before anyone asks, thats a tshirt sleeve on my
    head. I use it to absorb the sweat when I work out lol.

  2. OK! you look great .................now stop showing off:D:rolleyes::p
  3. Yep I agree with Beloved:p lol
  4. Good goin. What's a typical workout day like?

    I'm considering a career in law enforcemet as well. Some kind of Police/RCMP/Security anyway.
  5. Dave that is great . And you look great . Now you have to tell an old lady how you did it . I have a lot of extra baggage that I can't get rid of and it is harder for a lady to loose . I go to the gym three times a week but alas it isn't working, Sigh...:eek::eek:
  6. Good Career choice. Im only a week into my course and i LOVE it. Well my typical workout isn't really all that hard.

    I start off with a warmup. It could be jumping up and down in the spot. Power walk, or a few mins of basket ball. Then I run. Depending on the day I usually run about .5-3 miles (when I started out it usually included about half the time walking). Then I hit the weights. I do arms, and chest one day, and legs, shoulders abs the next. Key is to do the haviest weights you can do without hurting yourself. My rule of thumb is the 8th one should be a struggle to pull off. Then I take a break (usually 2-5 mins between sets), usually 3 sets of 8, and only one workout per muscle group. Then I end off with the sauna or hottub. Once a week I play racket ball. Its really fun and great cardio

    As for diet. I didn't really go on a "diet" all I did was eliminate (almost) all junk food. I still like a box of nerds or some beef jerky from time to time:D. Lots of healthy snacks out there. I pretty much eliminated pop and beer aswell, as they're the worst. Don't eat a lot of breads, veggies and meats are usually what I fill up on. Oh, and cottage cheese. Never liked it when I was a kid, but its great for after a workout.
  7. Great evidence of discipline and hard work!! :bow:

    :stop: Now put your shirt back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blush:

  8. He he ..... Yah cause I can't take my shirt off. LOL .... Anyways, I try to loose and am eating healthy but for you .... you are young so please remember it is harder to take it off when you are old . so do it now and keep it off ....... Yea !!!!!!!:D:D:D:p:p:p
  9. Thanks for the pointers Dave, you've inspired me to hop to it. I've been discouraged, but if I want to be an officer, I'm gonna be an officer! :)
  10. for sure man. It takes a lot of tries. I know people who have failed the exam 3-4 times. You've really got to stick it out. Im taking a class that is not mandatory to be a police officer, but it will prepair me for the Police College, and help me ace the exam.
  11. Hey, a bit of an update. So about two weeks ago I picked up a multivitamine. I can tell my body was missing many things. The multivitamine alone helps heaps, but I'm also eating much better now, and educating myself on diet. I've lost A LOT of weight in the last week. Probably too much so fast, so I'm going to up the calories I intake.

    The quality of life just multiplied for me, it's beyond words. Seriously. After taking that multivitamine ( A mens one called POWER, with a bunch of vitamines herbs, enzymes, etc.) my body started to improve in all kinds of ways. Every day it's like "Wow, this is better.....I could never do this before"...etc... lol. I guess that's just how unhealthy I was. My sinuses keep draining more and more and my hearing gets better.... My eyes stay open easier.... I'm more alert.... My brain even works better in a number of ways including memory.... I can breathe better through my nose now than I could through my mouth before.... I can smell more.... I have so much more energy and don't feel like sleeping all the time.... I speak more boldly and enthusiasticly without effort...I'm not as irritated.... My reaction time, flexibility, speed, and overall comfortability is up.... I'm awake/alive, and just don't have to focus and try so hard to be awake and active like I used to.... My skin looks better....And more...

    So yeah, something was seriously wrong with me before with deficiencies all over the place, and I can't thank the Lord enough that He's getting me out of it.

    One thing that sucks is I have a shoulder injury from a drunken fall almost a year ago. :( It does and will hinder my working out. I can't lift a bar behind my head for one, and I think it makes my left arm weaker. I never went to get it checked after it happened. Maybe you could pray for me?

    Cliffnotes: If you're not taking a multivitamine, take one! :D
  12. Hey Mark..... Ha ha .... :p:pMaybe you could give me that majic pill so that this old bod could rejuvinate :D:D:D..... Nah .... Just kidding . It is beyond it's time and time takes a toll.

    But my dear I am so happy for you and if you all realize this when you are young and put the right things into your body then when you get old you will not have so many problems that our society is having now . Bless you Mark ...

    The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and what we put in physically and spiritually does make a difference . The Lord wants us to take care of our bodies.:)

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