Ive Got Jokes :d

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  1. These are laffy taffy jokes...
    After a while I'll come back and write the answer..but i want to give you a chance to answer.

    Okay here we go :

    # what kind of key doesn't open a lock?

    # what does a pig write with?

    # wht starts with T is full of T and ends with T?
  2. erm.....i don't know! maybe the last answer would be the the letter T? :)
  3. Not the "letter" tea : P
  4. I don't understand your jokes, but there still better than Where's and Brian's...:)
  5. They're more riddles than jokes :)
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  6. Yea I kept waiting for the punch line... :unsure:
  7. #2 pen #3 TNT # 1 MONKEY hehehehehe
  8. 1. Donkey
    2. No clue
    3. Teapot
  10. Lol I have the answers : D ...at 8 in yhe morning lol

    Chili, you got 1 & 3 right ^^

    1) is a MONkey ( lol)
    2) is an OINK pen
    3) and the last is a teapot : D

    Lol i know theyre corny but theyre still kinda humorous lol

    And where, thats a good answer, i think when I told my brother He said piano key too lul.
  11. Oh brother paul..you were close..in fact I think your answer actually makes more sense then there's lol.

    Like another joke they had was, "whats the hottest day of the week?

    The answer was friday..but i felt SUNday could've worked as well.

    Anywho..if anyone has jokes or riddles( thnx spin x D) you can post em here :3
  12. Oh yah he did lol..i thought was you chili since you quoted him lol..

    And I just realized i gave the answer away when I was giving spin a hint..I actually wrote out "tea" x D ha
  13. I don't know many jokes, but did you know before he got married Boaz was a ruthless character?

    Here is one...why wouldn't Moses answer Ex-Pres George W. when asked a question after Hurricane Katrina????

    Because the last time he talked to a bush he had to wander in the desert for 40 years....

    DUH!! Best I canndooo!
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  14. Blasphemy!
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  15. Lol.
  17. Lol bropaul..that was good, that was good..claps#

    Come on everyone else make an effort x DD lol
  18. There's a large room with a bunch of people around a long table. They are trying to come up with a name for a new sauce their company came up with. The janitor comes into the room to empty the trash, when he picks up a bottle of the sauce and says, 'wats-dis-ear-saws'?
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