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    Hi. Why did I get banned? I see no reason to be banned, and my contact us message was not answered either... I am Polly by the way. Please, let me be here because I have a lot of Christian questions... If I broke any rules, then I promise not to break any rules, and I am not lying... And you had to tell me if I broke any rules and not ban me like that... Please, let me be here. I beg you.

    Also, I already felt very guilty when I asked questions, so is asking questions forbidden? What rules did I break?

    Also, if some bad messages came from my account, then the thing is that it wasn't me, it was a hacker hacking my account. I've been being hacked now for a while.
  2. I can't answer why you were banned. Your issues however extend way beyond the ability of anyone here to help you and you don't follow the advice given anyway. I also question anyone wanting to hack your password and account here and post bad things on your behalf. Now if you given out your information to log in here then you simply need to change the password. No hacker is going to waste time however to hack your password with brute force software as it takes a whole lot of time to do that with websites and much more easy to find a back door through the website itself to collect account information.

    So if anyone has posted on your behalf, it's only because YOU gave them your password and log in name.

    If I was a moderator, and was to ban you it would be because there would be no help to supply you with considering all your strange belief's and issues. It may confuse others who are actually wanting to obey the Word and get real answers to follow.

    You are also on medication and under the care of a professional. So I would not want anyone not understanding to be mean or rude to you and would rather you keep getting what you need from those that know you and work with you.

    You have not been interested in anyone's help.
  3. Polly if you want to correspond with me via email I am happy to help you :) I'll message u my address
  4. I have sent you an email today. Please be patient Polly. Thanks.

    My suggestion for you would be to use the private conversation facility that we have instead of emailing directly. It's a more safer option for all our members.

  5. How is email unsafe?
  6. And me being on medication and under the care of a professional is an obstacle to be here? Also, I am interested in anyone's help. But I had opinions too. You can see in the other posts that are not about Harry Potter series or Severus Snape, or Tulpae. And I am not lying, but I might be wrong.

    Also, they are hacking me because they are bullies who hack me. They came from Omegle because I've been posting some things on that site, but I didn't post any pictures of myself and I didn't open my webcam anywhere, but they are bullies who hack me, they are the hacker trolls who hack people because they want to hurt the people.
  7. There are many ways to get information from a single email. One easy way is to search on Facebook and get the profile up. One small piece of information can lead to another and another and so on. Sometimes we leave traces on the internet which are traceable back to us (even our physical location).
  8. Ok thank you for the heads up. I am not worried about it with Polly as I believe I can help her and that I am protected by God while doing His work.
    Thanks tho
  9. You are welcome. Nothing can beat faith in God. (y) God bless you.

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