It's funny...

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  1. It's funny...

    I keep realizing ways that God has bettered me. Then I remember, 'Hey, that's one of the things I prayed for!"

    Even though I forgot, he didn't and really did answer my prayers.

    This helps one to keep faith, but we should know in the future that this should not be required for us to have faith. He doesn't need to prove himself, just trust him.
  2. I think the things that have happened to me are awesome too, sometimes. But, I have to keep reminding myself that it is the Holy Spirit in me that is doing the work. All the things I post and say to others is directly through Him.

    I have to keep reading His word and renewing my mind so as not to get prideful in how much I've grown. Bo, keeps me straight in this area. :p

    And Bondman also builds me up and encourages me. This is such an awesome site! I can see you are growing leaps and bounds, Mark. Just keep your sites on Jesus and you will be used of Him. Love, Bonnie
  3. :D

    You're not kidding about the things he does through you. I just read your post in the thread "My friend..". You're soo smart. It's one of many great advices from you. I see you have the gift of being perceptive.

    And I too need to work on giving the credit to God. The only good in me is Him. I definately see that, it'll just take a little time for both of us to grow out of that habbit of being proud. But like those things I've noticed, that I even forgot about, it will be done.

    I'm so proud of my humility! LOL. Who started that?

    Praising the person is good to lift their spirit. The compliments should go from them to God, but they pick the ball up for the second half of that.
  4. A friend shared that one with me some 20 years ago so we will have to call it author unknown!:p

  5. Very wise thoughts my little buddy. Just keep on the path that you are going and keep Jesus as your focal point. Life is not all a bed of roses. We as Christains do have trials and tribulations to go through but we know who is there for us 24/7 and that is the awesome part. That also helps us to grow in the Lord as we can share our experiences with others to encourage them.

    God Bless you Mark.
  6. Amen, lol!:D

    Sometimes I could be praying for something...then down the road I'm sitting there with things happening in my life, staring out at the open and wondering: What does it all mean?

    It's simple! God is at work in my life, hee hee. There's no codes to break, no hidden messages, no subplots and metaphors. The answer is huge, and it's all around me.


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