It's a new day!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Paradox, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. It's a new day!

    Hi, my name is Dan. I just signed up for this site after doing an online devotional! I can't wait to meet other Christians! Here's a little about me...

    I'm a husband to a beautiful woman and a father to an adorable little girl! I may not be as young as I once was, but I still like to think I am! I am a movie-freak! I also like music...all kinds...well, most kinds! I have been a Christian since I was a little boy, and have rededicated my life a few times since then. I am also a people-person, so please tell me about yourself! I'm excited to be here!


    Very happy to meet you!
    I Love God with all my heart, I have a wonderful husband and 8 wonderful children.
    4 wonderful grandchildren too!
    I live in the midwest with our 4 youngest children and our many pets!
    Bless you!

  3. Dan, Glad you joined us. :D I'm a young postgraduate student with passion to work for God. I like music as well and I enjoy building and maintaining websites.
  4. Hi Dan, my name is Larry and I can tell we are brothers ! Welcome!:D:):cool:
  5. Hello, brother Dan!:)
    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm from Russia and I love Jesus from childhood.
    God bless you!
  6. Hi, Dan. Welcome to the forum. I am a female, married, and have 3 kids. My hubby is on the forum also, but he will be scarce for a bit.
  7. Hi and welcome.

    I am an ex South African who has lived in England for about 26 years. I have trained in both Theology and Psychology. Been in Christian work for many years and worked as a Psychologist.
    I am semi retired and my wife and I now run a Christian house sitting service and a Christian stress management organization.

    Enough about me!!!

    Look forward to getting top know you on the forum.
  8. Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome!

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