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  1. Howdy everyone!

    A while back I heard Gilbert Larson (from Gilbert Larson and friends) on the radio and he had a good sermon about newer Christians. He said that it takes about 3 solid years of immersing yourself in God's word among other things to truly get a good grasp on what Christianity, and what it means to be a Christian, is all about. He splits it up year by year, comparing the 3 year journey to that of a vine or shrub:

    • First year SLEEPER - you have just come to Christianity, you may have just accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior but lack the knowledge of God's word. You start to skim through the Bible and start to absorb what it means to be a Christian. You may also start to pray and establishing your relationship with God.
    • Second year CREEPER - this is where you start reading the Bible regularly and asking tons of questions regarding the Bible and the Holy Trinity (among a vast number of other things). You start to truly understand what it means to have God as your foundation and start learning what it means to live and walk each day in the Spirit. You should by now have an established and ongoing relationship with God, regularly confessing any sins and putting all burdens upon Him.
    • Third year LEAPER - you are now fully immersed in your love for God. You feel the Holy Spirit surging through you and you are now eager to tell the world the good news! You now know the meaning what what love is, with God and your neighbors. You are now a disciple, ready to bring others to God's glory!
    This was a while ago that I heard this, but I think I was able to articulate the main points.

    God bless!
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  2. Way cool :) I was kinda like that when I was young in faith. As time went on I was going faster and faster. ( example) Sleeper........
    Im looking at the new car with overwhelming curiosity

    Creeper........ I get in the driver seat and start the car and take it for a test drive. Hmmmm I'm likin it!

    Leaper... Pedal to the metal! You show everybody what you have found and want to take them for the ride of LIFE!!

    Wow what a ride!:D:D:cool: What a WORD

    Praise Jesus

    Woo Hoooooooooooo! any body want to ride with GOD. HE's drivin and man can HE drive :cool:;)

    Chili out.
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  3. HA, this is awesome! (y)(y)(y)
  4. Haha that's really cooool <3

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