It Is So Tough Being A New Christian. That, In Itself, Is An Understatement.

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Do you take the entire bible literally?

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  1. My friend who was recently saved (or so I thought-I can't really make a determination so I need your opinion) told me that he does not believe in the Old Testament and thinks most of the bible is just God inspired and not factual. Yet my friend believes Jesus died for our sins. He even was telling me how the bible is incorrect about its statement on how old the earth is (we've heard this repeatedly).

    He ended up refuting his own arguments by saying "some science is incorrect". I told him that means, science methods to date things could also be incorrect. He continued, with stating that Noah's Ark couldn't have fit 14,000 animals on it. I asked him where it said that in the bible, and he said it didn't, but that we have many species that couldn't have fit in there. I told him, that God could have created more animals thereafter or they could have evolved into other animals (I do partially believe in evolution of certain insects, animals, etc). Anyhow, he kept mentioning things from the bible that were incorrect and clearly hearsay. I feel his argument was weak and I told him to bring to me concerns about the bible that were factual, instead of assumptive. He said he would.

    ***My question is: Do you believe that true Christians take the ENTIRE BIBLE LITERALLY if Gods Word is perfect and true? If not, what is your stance on this?

    I really need to know, because the more I continue down this path, the stronger the spiritual battle and the more Satan makes me question things. I hate Satan with a passion. I wish every other non-Christian knew what a slimy, horrible liar he is.

    I was a Christian at first. A worldly Christian who didn't have to deal with these disputes because I was never as passionate as I am now about my Father. This is just getting really hard for me and sometimes I just want to give up. Hell scares me too much though.
  2. Hmmmm, Don't let the world steer we wrong Tink.

    I told you before-you NEED fellowship with Bible believing Christians. 'Micro-evolution' is science fact: the expansion of species through adaptions and gene sequence/ DNA combinations within a 'kind'. EXAMPLE: All dogs stem from wolf-kind that Noah took on the ark (inferred from scripture).

    "Macro-evolution" (AKA: Origin theory) is a guessing game-the most popular being the theory of evolution. The Bible teaches origin in Genesis 1:1. BTW-Darwin was a racist trying to rid the world of 'lesser' beings...if you get my drift.

    Adaptation does happen; adaptation is not the losing or changing of organs-it is the resizing, recoloring of existing traits in the gene code.

    Mutations happen-but they are never beneficial to extending the life of the individual or the species. And, mutations never change a species to another species. 99% of all NATURAL observable mutations in a species usually disappear after the demise of the individual subject. GENETICALLY MODIFIED mutations (AKA: Humans intervening by chemically or biologically distorting the genes/ DNA) almost always lead to death of the test subject. But all in the name of 'science' and proving 'evolution' is real.

    There is no 100% proof of the age of the earth AND there is NO proof that any species ever evolved from another species-hence the continual line of missing links.

    We take the Bible as truth-it is the foundation of our faith-we had this discussion before about exercising our spiritual muscles did we not?

    You NEED fellowship girl....PROPER fellowship. You convert your friends by being a living example-a living sacrifice, and letting God show his wonders through you. You will never debate a unbeliever into salvation.
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  3. Thank you Dirty. I thought he was saved because he stood up and went down to the stage and then to alter call. I think he's just struggling. Hopefully that's the case. I do need fellowship, but it's tough trusting woman. My own ministry leader did me wrong. I feel like I'm just a glutton for punishment. It's tough to meet, good, genuine people.
  4. Would you serve Jesus if He went to hell? I know it is difficult to ignore hell and the suffering there. But it should not be such a big factor. We either love Jesus and approve of Him and His ways or we don't. God is just and fair. People in hell may not suffer for eternity. But as in the fallen angels case, they will be banished from God's presence forever.

    I take the bible literally as the unadulterated word of God. If we don't the devil has succeeded in undermining it in our lives. The whole bible is from God. The OT and NT. God does not waste His time writing something down. Everything in the OT is for us! What we HAVE to do though when reading the OT is remember the NT. Kind of like acknowledging that we are not just 'dating' but now married. Look at all the laws through the cross. God sees the desire to accept Jesus as an extremity of inner persuasion and intent. A decision that surpasses our desire / mistakes with casual sins. Jesus established a closer union between us and God. We are now referred to as the bride of Christ and the children of God. We are able to know God's heart behind the OT law.

    As for creation, Kent Hovind is hard to dispute on his proof of a young earth. My only conflict with him is more logic and a small discrepency on scripture. I see the earth as old and humans as young (6000 years). The issue with evolution which stage did evolving man become accountable of sin and need a saviour?

    As for knowing if someone is a Christian, it is difficult as we can only judge fruits. But as for us, it should be easy. Please read Matthew 16:13-20 and then ask yourself if Peter would ever be able to be a true atheist after that encounter / revelation?
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  5. Hmmm...I misunderstood the anti-evolution aspect of this thread when I voted.

    There are tons of scientific Christian materials available that may settle any disputed ideas about The Bible Record of creation...Here are some: Helps to be fairly science savvy to understand this totally, but read the reviews! A handy and huge book, which uses anti-Christian scientists to refute they very theory of a sold scientific front.
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  6. Thank you, Rusty; I'll have to check those out. They will be great for my frriend, but I have a feeling that when one doesn't want to believe, their eyes are pretty much blind to anything other than their, well...beliefs.

    I probably shouldn't have posted too much on the evolution thing. I was more concerned with how someone can be a Christian, yet only take parts of the bible literally and other parts as metaphors, analogies, and stories.
  7. That was I was responding to, not just the evolution jazz.

    Would enjoy discussing the underlined.
  8. Actually it is pretty easy for anyone to take the Bible in many ways. I think Rusty might agree with me that the Bible is (as I said before) a living Testament to our Lord. He is God of the Living, God of the Living Word-made Flesh. To say the Bible is only literal or only figurative-this is false. It is all of the above. Certain parts are for the immediate teaching of believers of the time-but applicable to ALL believers. Certain parts are meant to be doused in mystery-like prophecy. Certain parts are to teach all generations in all times-like the parables. And overall-the scriptures themselves ARE for believers only. Yes the Word is available to all-but trying to apply the Word to an unbeliever is like trying to paint a boat in a typhoon with oil based paint-the paint runs off the haul and is dispersed into the ocean never to be applied again.

    We are commanded to preach the Gospel to unbelievers...not the 'LAW' or 'history' of the Bible. Without being saved-the Word is foolishness to unbelievers...

    You can start with this question: "If you died today; do you know whether or not you'll go to heaven? Would you like to know?" No evolution, no rabbinical law, no history, no condemnation, just Gospel-repentance, acceptance, then comes obedience in seeking truth in the Word.
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  9. Exactly, Dirty! This is much like what I mean when I say "We must take the Bible holistically, letting It explain passage to passage,here and little, there a little:

    Here is a double hit: the symbol of learners no longer being fed easy food ("weaned" & "drawn" meaning to stop) no longer being babies, but hunters and gatherers of the wisdom of God through solid research in the Word.

    Also this passage directs us to actively compare the full range of the Bible Truth, not ejecting some and focusing on just our favoured areas.

    The modern tendency to swallow doctrine from schools (Darby/Scofield/Futurism the most popular) and being adamantly resistant to ones' own prayerful study when opposed is a bad sign.
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