It is most critical that you understand the parables of Jesus!

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  1. Hello Samuels,

    You say that you '... have always wondered why the disciples had the parables explained to them, while the hundreds of those following Jesus as He went about were left in their ignorance.'

    Yes, I can understand why you should wonder about this, but looking at Matthew 13, and the words of verses 13-15, we have the answer, don't we? For in response to the disciples question, 'Why speakest thou unto them in parables?', our Lord answers with the words,

    'Therefore speak I to them in parables:
    because they seeing - see not;
    and hearing - they hear not,
    neither do they understand.'

    I agree that this seems unfair at first glance, but this is a figure of speech, and means, 'they are determined not to hear and not to see.' This takes away all thoughts of unfairness, doesn't it, Samuels? This reminds me of the words of John 2:24,25:-

    'But Jesus did not commit Himself unto them,
    because He knew all men,
    And needed not that any should testify of man:
    for he knew what was in man.'

    Praise His Name!

    In Christ Jesus
  2. Hello again Samuels,

    It is good also to acknowledge that on fourteen occasions in the New Testament the Lord uses the expression, 'He that hath ears to hear, let him hear,' (Matt. 11:15), or words similar to this. This was a solemn injunction made by our Lord, no other but He could make it, and it means, 'He whose ears are opened, let him surely hear, or let him take heed to give the most earnest attention!'

    It was this injunction to attention and obedience that many failed to heed in Israel. Isaiah 6:9,10, foretells that judicial blindness would be the consequence, and so it ultimately was.

    In Christ Jesus
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  4. Hello again,
    The parable of the tares and the wheat is designed to meet the possible difficulty which might arise as to the reason why the gospel of the Kingdom should be so long refused, by those to whom it was given. The key words are, 'an enemy hath done this'.

    The parable of, 'the sower', reveals the 'sowings', or ministries of the gospel of the Kingdom, and the various, 'grounds', the state of the human heart universally . It showed also the characteristics of the hearers at the different points in the history of the Kingdom's proclamation.

    In the parable of, 'the wheat and the tares', the scene of the wheat field does not change but the symbols do. Now the wheat field is not the human heart but 'the world', and 'the Sower' is, in this parable, 'The Son of Man'. ' The good seed' are 'the sons of the Kingdom', and 'The tares' are, 'the sons of the evil one': the enemy that sowed them is, 'the devil', and 'The harvest' and 'The harvesters', are, 'the consummation of the age', and 'The Angels'.

    In Christ Jesus
  5. Many thanks for your thoughts, Chris.
    There's a lot to think about in the whole of the topic, which for me has led on to the search for understanding of other similar texts,
    I'll be back, I'm sure, after more consideration.

    All blessings.
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  6. Praise God!

    There is no better occupation that that which you are engaged in, ©Smiler, is there? It cannot but be fruitful.

    In Christ Jesus
    Our risen and glorified
    Saviour, Lord and Head
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    Hello there,

    Staying with the parable of the wheat and the tares, it reveals that the prime cause of defection and apostasy in Israel is Satan. Throughout the course of the ages Satan has sought to overthrow the purpose of God, in Christ Jesus, hasn't He?

    This conflict is seen in the words of Genesis 3:14,15, and throughout the record of the history of Israel. In Genesis 3, as here in this parable, two seeds are spoken of, 'the seed of the woman' and 'The seed of the serpent (Satan)'.

    Among those who were professedly religious people at the time this parable was spoken, who in their own estimation were 'sons of the Kingdom', were those who were really 'sons of the wicked one'.

    In Christ
  8. You are so very correct sister. What Satan accomplished through Adam and Eve has become the condition of all men and women who have ever lived. Their action fixed our position. Paradise was lost for everyone and everyone who has ever been born into the world, with the exception of Jesus Christ, the virgin-born son of God, has been born a sinner with the principle of sin operative in their nature. Rebellion against God, no desire to repent, only a desire to justify themselves, exonerate themselves and put the blame for their failures on somebody else and no ability to alter their sinful condition or do anything to bring about their own salvation, that is the curse on all humanity.

    To that he has added "religion". IMO, religion is one of his best tools to deceive and trick us into thinking more of ourselves that we think of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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