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  1. Well the cold weather is starting to kick in, it is 20 degrees.

    What is the weather like where you live?
  2. Winter is here as well! I am in New Jersey and temperature has considerably dropped. We had a strange Christmas. It was nearly 80F! Some people pulled our their outdoor grill for Christmas :D yesterday we got some flurries and a small coating. First snow of this season.
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  3. Yeah its getting a bit chilly .. I wanted it to do all this while I wasn't in school...sigh lol..oh well.
  4. At my seasonal location, it was 12 degrees F below zero this morning with wind chill at 24 degrees F below zero... Now, where did I put my golf clubs? ;)
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  5. What in the world......Now that is cold. Although I love the cold weather, I absolutely love it my husband would pass out if he stepped out into weather like that.
  6. It is pretty chilly, I hate it couldn't do all this while I wasn't in school... But its whatever I guess. Its just so funny how I hear will smith's - summertime playing in January lol.

    ** oops, double post lol**
  7. As an example - if you had an ice cream container outdoors, you would have to bring it indoors and put it inside your kitchen freezer to "warm it up"... LOL...;)
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  8. Lucky, I want flurries.
  9. Funny lol
  10. LOLOL.... That sounds like snow is coming soon. I will be glad when we get snow. They are saying we may get an accumulative snow on Sunday.
  11. Pancakes - There were much colder temperatures to our north this morning. I heard about a lady that was walking to her car to go to work and noticed one tire was a little soft, so she kicked it out of frustration - and it broke... :D
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  12. Yea, we had a strange Christmas too with the weather. We were at 78. And, I couldn't even turn my air on because it was down and I was miserable. I was so glad when the sun went down and it cooled down.
  13. LOL....
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  14. It is usually in the mid 20's to low 30's every morning here in Apple Valley Calif which is in the high desert @ about 3,000 ft elevation.
  15. Lololol WOW..crazy ..geez
  16. Wow chilling for was nearly 77 on Christmas day is definitely strange.
  17. We were supposed to get some snow here last night in DC but we prayed against it and we got clear (very cold) skies instead! :) I can see Orion very clearly. My phone says it's 22F right now, but my home thermometer says it's 30F. Feels like it's 10F so I'm not sure what the real temp is, but I just put out the trash and the water in the gutters are frozen.
  18. Its warm today here in GA, like 65 degrees, crazy ...
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    WHAT???? It went up here today too. We are at 47 degrees. But the really cold weather is suppose to start coming in on Sunday. They say we may get snow.
    I thought it was going to be really cold so I dressed like I am going to Alaska and I am burning up..LOL Just don't know how to dress for this weather.

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