Issac and His Two Son's Story

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  1. This story is in Genesis, I'd just look up Esau and Jacob since I can't recall where the story started. I'm at Genesis 28 now. This story certainly reminds me of another Cain and Abel.

    There is still a bunch of lying to family members and just being afraid of being killed so they lie to others to live, but what they've also done there is condemn those people to sin unknowingly by "marrying" an already married woman. What I don't really understand there is why God puts up with that?
    Another part in the story is where Esau went to hunt game for his father, Issac, to get his blessing but Jacob stole that blessing from Esau. Why did God put up with that and why can't Issac bless BOTH his sons instead of just one massive blessing to only one child???

  2. Jewish tridition requires the blessing go tothe oldest child.

    God did not put up with it and did not accept it.

    2 Chronicles 21 tells us that the descendants of Esau would live in a territory that was less fertile than was Jacobs.

    Also, after Geneisis deception by Rebekah, she would never see her son Jacob again.
  3. The blessing really is bestowing the line of Christ, the promise to Abraham, upon one of his sons. There can be only one blood line to Christ. Esau lacked faith in God, making him undeserving of the blessing of being in the line of Christ.

    God puts up with a lot. He is very patient.
  4. Ok, so this has to do with the line of Christ. That makes more sense. Indeed God is so very patient!
  5. I think we find grace in the Old Testament as well as the New. Romans 8:28 applied back in the days of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. It gives us hope in modern times as we realize that God's servants often messed up big-time, yet He still wove them into His plan. Yes, there were consequences, but those who were sincere and repentant found mercy. It's also nice to know that our screw-ups don't derail God's plan.
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  6. The story is really about being willing to trade something Great for something that is just Good. Esau did not have the faith to see the greatness of God. He did not understand that God had something amazing planned for him. God had laid it all out for Esau. The birthright was important, but Esau traded his birthright for an immediate desire.

    This story is a very important message about desires and decisions. We all need to ask ourselves what is our bowl of stew? The desire you are willing to trade God's best for....................
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  7. Very good insight, thanks! Now I can properly think about this story and what my "bowl of stew" is :)
    It is very nice to know that our faults don't mess up God's plan, I was afraid that's exactly what it was about. I guess I should have read on, but I just couldn't go on without understanding what was happening.

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