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  1. Israel is like the woman who kidnapped the baby and King Solomon resolved the case. In this case, Israel wants the land (the baby) and if Israel can't have the land, then no one can have the land (without Israel sending missiles). But, we have no King Solomon willing to resolve the case justly.
  2. I don't understand your analogy. I haven't read about King Solomon yet.
  3. Two women with babies lived in the same household. One woman accidentally suffocated her baby. The mother of the dead baby then claimed the surviving baby was her baby. Both women went to King Solomon to get a ruling on who gets the baby. The king offered to split the baby into two, and give each women half. The real mother freaked out and told the king to give the baby to the other woman and not kill the baby. The women who stole the baby, in anger and wickedness, thought it better that no one have the baby than for her not to get the baby. So, the king then knew who the real mother was.

    Israel wants the Palestinian land (without Palestinians), but the world won't let Israel have it without the Palestinians. So, Israel won't let anyone have the land. The land, as far as I know, is the only populated land on the planet that doesn't have statehood. Israel stole the land from her neighbors and the US is allowing Israel to keep the land in a continuing state of being a "split baby", with neither Israel nor the Palestinians having sovereignty over the land.
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    Ok I understand now, thank you for elaborating. I agree with you, but I wouldn't be putting the Gaza strip which imo seems controlled by Hamas as the 'good mother' either. Both Israel and Hamas are in the wrong. As you may know Hamas is a terrorist organization (despite whatever they think they are). I am starting to think that Hamas actually did all this because they need support money and think they can get it by starting another mini war. I wouldn't be surprised if Hamas killed the Palestinian boy as a pawn to start this all up. The whole thing is fishy, I mean why would Hamas randomly kill 3 Israeli boys and then it is unclear who killed the Palestinian boy, and then Hamas just randomly starts shooting rockets at Israel because of what might be the work of Israeli individuals? When would that justify attacking a country? The whole thing is sketchy.
  5. The Solomon analogy does breakdown at this point, but any occupied people not broken will use force to resist occupation, especially an occupation as hostile as Israel's occupation. And, Hamas doesn't have real control over Gaza so they can hardly be blamed for what any militant does.
  6. You do realize that the Hamas terrorists live among and hide their rockets and weapons in the homes of their families and friends......

    It is like a Muslim terrorist shooting at you and then running into a Mosque because they know you will not bomb it.
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    Yes I do realize that, and that's why bombing Hamas in Gaza isn't going to do anything but cause outrage over dead civilians. But then again, I honestly don't know what I would do, Israel's leaders have their plate full atm to say the least..
  8. That was going to be my next question to you. What would you suggest they do. Hundreds of rockets are launched every week, week in and week out not just from Gaza but Lebanon as well.

    It seems to me that Israel has been a lot more patient than I would have been.
  9. I wonder how good their iron dome is? If it could handle the rockets from Lebanon and Gaza and keep Israel safe then their might not be any need to be offensive. That could be pricey on Israel though, and i'm sure some rockets would make it past the iron dome...idk...the whole thing is a mess. The only other option I have thought of that I know is already in debate is an Israeli ground force going into Gaza...but their are many drawbacks to that too..
  10. One useful us believers can do for Israel during this time is stand with nation and pray for the leaders - for God to give them the wisdom to do the right thing.

    All with the context of referring to the scripture - Genesis 12:3 "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."
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  11. Just imagine if you will, as a community you are mourning the brutal deaths of three teenagers and the officials are fruitlessly trying to figure out who did this....

    Then all of a sudden, without provocation your community is showered with 140 missiles within a 24 hour period from the group you suspect were responsible for the kidnapping/murders...

    What would you do? Should your officials retaliate or let them continue to bombard your civilian population? Come on be honest.

    The only problem I see in this conflict is the world press is focusing on what they call "the Israeli occupation forces" allegedly killing civilians. Yeah! Sure some are getting hit but most of the fire is going into known Hamas areas. Its called war, which they did not start...they are always the ONLY side making concessions. As a matter of war no one is obligated to give back conquered territory, it rarely happens....look at Russia after WWII or China in Tibet or southeast Asia....ONLY America is in the habit of eventually giving back the country of its attackers. But Israel gave back Gaza...they gave back the Westbank...they do not start these conflicts but are instead attacked and then the world always focuses on them whenever they protect themselves...

    Do not forget their attackers (who supported Hitler in WWII) are insisting on the total annihilation (genocide) of all Jewish people...not just in Israel. So just imagine it was your community...

    Don't forget these are people who when confronted person to person thow the women and children out front as a shield...and hide in synagogues and churches shooting and bombing from within...evil cowards.

    Pray for the peace (not a piece) of Jerusalem...

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  12. Israel has the power to destroy these people and yet restrains herself. I doubt very seriously America or any other country would be so patient?
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  13. You are so right brother...
  14. No other country on Earth subjects a people to what Israel subjects the Palestinians to, so consider that before you start praising Israel for being better than any other country.
  15. no everyone else would have driven these people out long ago, and think you should study some history and maybe even read your bible?
  16. How about an example? US vs. American Indians? China vs. Tibet? Iraq vs. Kurds? Nazi Germany vs. France? WRONG.
  17. lol you defeat your own argument with these examples...:rolleyes:

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