Israel’s new world. Allies from the East

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  1. As America disengages itself from the Middle East, anointing Tehran as its replacement, a relationship that endured for decades begins to fade. Many believers of Christian and Jewish faith shake their heads in puzzlement as America turns its attention to race divisions, income equality, same sex marriage and letting a nation hostile to not only America but Jews everywhere proceed to arm itself with nuclear weapons. Conservatives say “wait until 2016” but events are moving too fast to fill the vacuum of power. The President admits that the Caliphate has moved too fast and is now global. The multi-billion dollar program to recruit and train anti-ISIS troops has generated only 60 graduates. Who can blame them when they see videos of gruesome executions of opposing forces, and non-combatants by the Caliphate/ISIS?

    Netanyahu and King Abdullah

    Sadly, we must admit that the relationship between the two Governments has changed and events in the region opened up new doors to cooperation and alliances for Israel based on common needs. Nations need allies they can trust, and the United States can no longer be trusted. The edgy and often secret cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel is now a little more open. Both face extermination from the Shia’ Caliphate.

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  3. You're welcome 'Fish of Faith' - as the time between events decreases both here in Jerusalem and all around this world the amount of news articles shall be increasing. Blessings from Jerusalem

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