Isis Move In Iraq!

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  1. I was looking ovet the Islamic Wakeing forum and I just lost it! Is there anything else we Christians could do in face of these mercyless acts other then only pray? A mission contact in Iraq that we can support? Anything?
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  2. I actually have a friend that has started a church in middle of Taliban country in Afgan...they have already killed about 30 missionaries but these guys are not afraid to die and won the respect of Taliban they gave them building for church.
    Glory to God.
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  3. The money was raised to give to missionary families of those who had been killed and the families gave the money to the killers...this messed up their minds...and they decided to give this group a building for a church.
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  4. The Holy Spirit is wonderfull! Loving God!
  5. Thank you Jesus! USA will start drops of aid to those in the mountain! Lets keep praying people! Be aware we have figther jets too! Just hope we dont need to use!
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    My BS radar is going off big time right now. Why would the Taliban give a church to Christians? Respect? PLEASE! And the families were giving money to the Taliban? WHAT???

    Father of deceased child: "Hey honey, I know the Taliban just cut off Jimmy's head but we should totally give our money to them"
    Wife of deceased child: "That sounds like a great idea! That way they can buy more weapons so they can kill more people!"

    How the heck would they send money to the Taliban anyways?

    And why would a church send missionary after missionary to be slaughtered?

    Church leader 1: "Hey, we got another young man who wants to be a missionary!"
    Church leader 2: "Great! Let's send him to where 29 of our other guys got their heads cut off! Maybe this one will finally convert some people before he is slaughtered!"

    Come-on man! The story you either made up, or heard, is disrespectful to missionaries who actually did die.

    Give glory to God by not spreading a bunch of BS that makes Christians and missionaries look like people with an IQ of 1. Better yet, don't lie in the first place. Let God do what he does and spread the real miracles!
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    Well while some people play at this faith, others live it. While some talk about Gods love, others are walking in the truth of it.
    And its ok if some folks cant believe that there are still real Christians, risking life and limb to deliver the gospel to the unsaved.
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    I never said that, I am saying how I can't believe how careless a mission trip could be that 30 people got killed. Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean you should go on a suicidal mission trip. And what you said about the Taliban respecting Christians still doesn't add up, or the fact that the families gave money to the terrorists. I don't even know how that could be possible actually. How is a family going to give money to the Taliban? Wire or check? Or do they send a missionary with a big fat suitcase of American dollars to the Taliban who murdered their child? I wonder how that goes down with border patrol. How is any of that Christian? You are advocating supporting an extremist group. Did Jesus ever imply to help others kill people? Giving the Taliban money is in effect giving them more weapons to terrorize people with. And idk where sending people off to be murdered is biblical.
  10. Well maybe you don't understand that true missions is not a vacation and there are believers going into the most dangerous places in this world to preach the gospel, and they are being killed for the gospel. Whether people like you, accept these things? Means nothing to those who have decided to risk there own lives.
  11. You could do what Casey Kasem did. He formed conflict resolution workshops between Jews and Muslims. Wikipedia and my parents say that he did so. It must be true

    I believe that I am factual when I say that Kasem was a Muslim. Normally, he is called a Druze, but his motive for being involved in political discussions appears to me to have sprung from the fact that whenever Israelies and Ababs renew their war, then for every Israeli killed one hundred Arabs are killed. Like any normal American boy he rooted for the underdog, and in this case he was also a member of the underdog group.

    I don't know if his conflict resolution workshop bared fruit. I only know about them because I have been at the table sipping my ginger ale and grenadine, shaken not stirred, while the adults rattled the ice in their whiskey; and they discussed the fact that Kasem worked in Hollywood. He knew lots of Jews. Because of his roots, he knew lots of Arabs. His position made possible the contact from both sides.

    Google Casey Kasem, and you will see what kind of heat Kasem'e efforts generated. Did it do any good? I have not idea.

    The adults in my family speak about how Kasem was the gentlest, kindest man who ever lived. He was a member of PETA. My grandfather tells a story about Kasem’s PETA membership.

    Kasem and Gramps attended an MDA charity event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. They both happened to be peeing in the men’s restroom.

    Gramps to Kasem: My wife has a new mink coat.

    Kasem to Gramps: Do you know how many animals died to make the coat?

    Gramps to Kasem: Do you know how many animals she had to sleep with to get the coat?

    Kasem: Laughter

    Kasem was a tender hearted guy who wanted to eliminate pain especially for Arabs, but I believe also for people in general and even in animals. Did his efforts bear fruit? I don’t know.
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  12. I think the thing that many modern Jews, Muslims and Christians do not realise is that at one time Muslims gave sanctuary to Jews from the Christians during the Inquisition.

    This good effort by Muslims has been over shadowed by the influences of Western nations that really only want a foothold in the oil rich Middle East and will use the secular state of Israel as a FOB for that effort.

    Intrinsically, the West is playing both sides against the middle for their own economic interests.

    As Christians, we should be appalled.
  13. Hmmmm..........Money comes to mind
  14. I'll guess that the Muslims who gave sanctuary must have been in Spain. I didn't know anything about that, but I know that Jews and Muslims had lived for a long time in Spain, although maybe it was not called Spain, without coming to blows anyway near like now.

    I can understand that oil must have something to do with the conflict, but Israel has no oil. The Arabs have the oil. I don't understand how supporting Israel helps China, Europe, or North America get oil.

    When my mother was a girl, very young, she remembers sitting in the car with my very frustrated grandmother waiting in line to buy gasoline because the Oil Cartel headed by Saudi Arabia would not sell oil to any supporter of Israel. With that in mind, I don't understand how supporting Israel is a plus for the United States.

    I have Baptist relatives, Southern Baptist, Bethel Baptists, just plain Baptists, and the list goes on .... I think that the one thing they agree about is that Bible prophesy says that Israel must come before Armageddon. Also, where is Israel? My Jewish boyfriend's mother would say, "Oye, ooo ear iss Israel? Like yah gotta ask? Israel is in New York City and Miami?"

    So the people in New York City, Miami, and my guess is that Southern Baptists in the South, and just plain Baptists in the North lobby for Israel because of something they read in the Bible.

    With all of that in mind, I think that the idea that the United States' support for Israel is in anyway related to oil is holy moly Red Rider, cowarbunga, Christopher Columbus, (and I'm a nice Catholic girl so I will add) Jesus Mary and Joseph, friggen nonsense.

    Sorry, that I got so wound up. :)

  15. Precisely and it makes me wonder why Christians keep wanting to support the secular nation of Israel, other than as a knee jerk reaction to scripture. Taken out of context scripture at that.
  16. Muslims in the Ottoman Empire took them in. And some of course went to the New World to live in what is now California.

    As I mentioned it is FOB, a forward operations base for the US in the region. Just as The Philippines were against China.

    Problem is this is NOT the Israel of prophecy.

    That Israel is supposed to encompass the area from Egypt to the Tigris-Euphrates.

    This Israel is NOT the Israel we are to look for.
  17. I never said that either. Just because you go on a mission trip doesn't mean you should be naive especially if you're going into the Middle East.
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  18. Seems like that is reasonable. (y) Especially the ones who were officials of the Ottoman Empire. I read in a history of New York City, which said that some Jews from Spain came to The City, along with every other possible ethnic group.[/QUOTE]

    If I could vote, I would support Israel, just because it is a democracy. If I were to play real politic, I would likely not support Israel because I want the oil. I suppose Israel could be a forward operating base, but I don't know that it ever has been. I read somewhere that the biggest Air Force Base in the world is in Qatar, and they have seven air planes. :) Also, is the Fifth Fleet home base still in Bahrain? I know that sometime we become unwelcome, and we make like a banana, but when we leave one place we go somewhere else. And I understand, speaking of real politic, even without Israel, the Arabs would be difficult.

    Yes , I know. I read about it in Terror in the Name of God by Jessica Stern. Admitting that is somewhat embarrassing. I should have read it in the Bible. Whether Israel is the prophesied Israel is not really the point. People believe that it is the prophesied Israel. Of course, I have no real factual basis for believing that, other than listening to my looney relatives.

    Also, there is another possibility. There is a book Charlie Wilson's War, which is about how the United States supported the Jihadists in Afghanistan against the Soviets. I don't remember if the story (myth?) is in the book. Wilson represented Tyler, Texas in Congress. He is supposed to have worried that his constituents would not support the fact that he helped Muslims in Afghanistan. Someone remind him that there are no Muslims in Tyler, Texas. He said that he did not mean the good people of Tyler, Texas. He said that he meant his constituents in New York City who financed his campaigns.

    Congressmen may be influenced by issues that do not affect the people in their districts.

    I think today might be a good day. If nothing else we can sing the blue. Whatdyathink?
  19. These are not "naïve" people who risk life and limb to bring the gospel where others fear to go...these are people who are keeping the most important aspects of the true faith...the laying down of ones own life for others...ever heard of that concept?
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