ISIS/ ISIL: Tool of Satan-destroying history to prep for NWO

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  1. This is going to be mostly an opinion piece, so be forewarned.

    FACT: ISIS is destroying historical relics all over the Middle East:

    It is my opinion that this organization has it's roots based on US funded CIA operations that originally supported what was to become Al Qaeda & The Muslim Brotherhood.

    These are just a sampling of articles and documents that can be found online.

    My opinion is that this is a long term operation designed to help issue in a one world religion by rewriting history and eliminating evidence for future generations from questioning said rule of what we know will be the Antichrist. So what does this say about the USA and it's relationship with 'Islam'?

    Perhaps we should learn from history before it disappears; because this time it is not the 'Jews' who are the target: it is any 'dissident' that disagrees with the coming 'New World Order'. The primary targets will be Christians, followed by both 'other religious extremists' and 'Patriots": those who believe in the fundamental roots of their country. Yet there will be many "Christians, Jews and Muslims" who will pine for and contribute too the NWO.

    What will be the catalyst to start this agenda?

    Have we been subconsciously told for many years?

    What will technology do for us?

    So WHEN will it begin? Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Fear the coming Day of the LORD.

    Or maybe it's all coincidence......
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  2. I don't believe that anything much is coincidence.
    I agree that the destruction of historical sites are attempts to remove important historical witness.
    As for paving the way for a new world order..........I dunno.
    Seems to me that a New world order agenda would have its sights set on Mecca, the Dome of the rock and any other Islamic objects of worship as well as Christian and Judaic sites.
    We'll just have to wait and see.
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  3. :) It's no coincidence, Isis is not the antichrist but they will pave the way for his future rise.

    My theory: The antichrist will be a man from the middle east, probably the successor of Ban Ki-moon in the United Nations. He will destroy Isis and ensure world peace for a few years, before all hell breaks loose.
  4. They are selling what's feasible on the antiquities black market for a means of income. The victor always tries to rewrite history. Given that we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, history, however written, does not seem to stop this.
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  5. Speaking of isis tendency to destroy:

  6. Yes but even Hitler preserved Vimy Memorial and many other sites in occupied France. And his soldiers were instructed to make friends with the French population.

    Isis, by the contrary, is pure destruction - of people and sites.
  7. I still think about that pilot that was captured by Isis a few weeks ago... :(
  8. ISIS is the US policy towards the Middle east writ large, destroy whatever you don't own.
  9. I believe that Christians have a duty to vote for policy makers who will hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord. A strong America brings stability. It is shameful to allow the slaughter of our Christian brothers in these lands. We need wise leadership.
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  10. You won't get it from any of the dingbats running for office now.
  11. I will tell you from personal experience: anyone who stands up for 'right(eousness)' in the system is purged from said system (The Beast). Right now; what we are witnessing in worldwide politics is a staged show. They are ALL waiting for the 'big guy' (Satan) to take his place in world leadership through the unholy trinity.

    Don't believe me; look up all the military commanders that have been removed from duty. Or journalists that happen to have an "accident". Or Joe Shmoo ordinary citizen that is labeled a 'prepper' or wants to live "off Grid". Or look at all the guys who are in the system and try to repent-then the pictures of mistresses hit the media, or they are brought up on some kind of charges. Once you are in the 'system'; you have a "blackmail folder" created by the powers that be to bring out just in case you have a 'change of heart'.

    Also, our legal system is designed to tap the innocent dry or make them succumb to a plea deal that will shut them up.

    We are in an intentional holding pattern waiting for the next 'big event' to issue in the NWO. It really isn't going to matter who gets voted in where; these decisions are made in the dark secret places of the earth....

    Praise God Christ will bring them to light one day! (The war is already won-we just have to remember that when The 'Stuff' Hits The Fan.)

    Philippians 3:20-21; Hebrews 13:14; Luke 22:29-30; John 14:2; 1 Peter 1:4; Revelation 21:2; 21:27; 22:3-5; Ephesians 2:19

    But While we are here-yes we need to fight the 'good' fight; which is to live and share the Gospel of Christ.
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  12. Hello calvin!!!

    I have missed you.
  13. Amen brother!
  14. I agree with you completely!
  15. Could it be for about 7 years???
  16. Latest news on this: Isis has just issued its own currency and they called it 'part of the plan to dominate the world'. :(
  17. Someone said on a Christian program I watched this morning that the United States has denounced Israel a countable number of times---can't remember...let's say 49 times?...but has not uttered ONE denunciation of ISIS.

    How crooked and perverse this generation is!
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  18. Here's the thing: with so many 'pieces' in play right now; it is hard to determine exactly what the trigger will be (or who, when, how, etc....) I believe that these 'powers and principalities' have been put in place by Satan all around the world. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at how naive people are around me in my own country-especially Christians.

    I have been saying it and I will keep saying it-we shouldn't be ignorant of the 'tech' around us because technology will play a vital role in the illusion the Fallen One is about to put on. It's not a joke, it's not 'conspiracy theory'. Technology has been purposely suppressed and hidden in "dark" places because it is the vehicle in which Satan needs to try and enforce power and control over the human population worldwide.

    Yes; the general population has benefited from technological advancement. I am not ANTI-Tech. But all that is about to change with some event in the future. What tool will be used? II don't know. But I will tell you that we as the general population are clueless to what the capabilities of technology truly are behind closed doors and under the blanket of 'national security'.

    So when I say that it is possible they can control the weather, turn buildings to dust (without nukes), start earthquakes at will and thus create tsunamis; it is not all that inconceivable. Nor are planet wide hologram systems, 'UFOs and aliens' and 'faking' a meteor strike.

    When the dust settles, and the pawns have been used up (because the system will devour its own) the head of the Serpent will rise.

    Revelation 12:15-16
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