Isaiah 40

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  1. A perfect witnessing chapter!

    (Wrote a song after hearing a sermon on 40:21, including these AWESOME scriptures)

    Do you not know, have you not heard
    The Lord is the everlasting Father
    Creator of the ends of the earth
    He will not grow tired or weary

    He measures the waters in the hollow of His hand
    In a basket He holds the dust of the earth
    The breadth of His Hand has marked off the heavens
    Do you not know, have you not heard

    To whom will you compare Him

    Those who hope in The Lord
    They will renew their strength
    They will soar on wings like eagles
    They will run and not grow weary

    He brings out the stars one by one
    Calls each one by name
    Lift your eyes and look to the heavens
    Do you not know Who created these

    He tends His flock like a Shepherd
    Gathers the lambs in His arms
    And carries them close to His heart
    Do you not know, have you not heard

    Those who hope in The Lord
    They will renew their strength
    They will soar on wings like eagles
    They will run and not grow weary
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  2. Sparrow: Great; and Isaiah 40 also ties in with John 10 and Psalm 23, re. the truth of the Shepherd.


    (I really like your Christian fish sign <>< :) )
  3. How come I can't see my Christian fish or tag line when I'm on the forum?
  4. Sparrow: The <>< is right at the bottom of your posts, after you have posted them. (Can't you see it?)

    I love Psalm 40, anyway.

  5. No, I can't. :notworthy:
  6. It's right underneath where you put 'His eye is on the sparrow'.

  7. But I don't see "His eye is on the sparrow" either. :/ And I'm not seeing signature lines on your posts or anyone else's. :confused:
  8. :unsure:

    Maybe talk to a mod.
  9. How do I contact them?
  10. ...I mean moderator, not bodmod...
  11. Sparrow: Well, if a mod comes on, s/he has a screen name that is big, that comes up on the home page. xspinningisfun is one, for example.

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  12. Since you're a "Fish" lover, too, maybe you could get a fish avatar? :)
  13. I'll try to figure it out! :)

  14. Maybe you can get a "fish" avatar? :)
  15. Just find a picture of one on Google images and save it to your library. Then under Avatar on your Preferences, I think, select "existing" and that's it! :D

    Under your profile, mean.

  16. I was just looking now.

    (I guess I'm better at words than at images on screen... The Fish Bloviator)
  17. What kind of fish avatar would you like? :) Something like this?

  18. Sparrow:


    I've been trying to get a fish image from My Documents onto My Pictures and it was successful between the sections in my computer, but this site wouldn't upload it because I got a window which said it was the wrong sort of document.

    (Nice symbol. Can you imagine having it on an ankle or somewhere?)

  19. It's very easy with an iPad. Do you have one? Or an iphone?

    Yes, I could imagine, but I don't think my husband would let me. :)
  20. Sparrow:

    i) Nope.

    ii) Well, if he realized how much you wanted it (assuming you did), he might be more open to it. (But what do I know?)

    iii) We've kind of moved on broadly from Isaiah 40.


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