Is this site safe?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Unregistered, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Is this site safe?

    Is this a safe site, will I be asked for money. Can I ask questions? Will I have to prove that I am a Christian? Can I remain Anonymous until I find my way? I love Jesus wholeheartedly, however as anyone can sign up is it still safe to express your feelings without being ridiculed by non Christians?
  2. Welcome!

    We're open to all, Believer and Seeker alike. We have strict rules regarding ridiculing other members and such behavior will NOT be tolerated.
  3. I see that facebook is advertised on this site, I hate facebook, because I was once a member and had abusive messages I hope this site doesn't advocate facebook, however I will remain anonymous until proven otherwise.
  4. We have a page on Facebook so members there can find us. We may have our presence at other such so we can reach out to others as much as possible. You don't have to be on Facebook to register as member here and your info here won't be shared with another website. That would remain private.
  5. I am praying to find out if God wants me to join this forum. Thankyou to those who have replied.
  6. We noticed that you are from the UK. Please know that we have many members here from your area and you will find friendship and fellowshipping here in Christ's name.

  7. I am afraid God is telling me this site is not right for me, I'll put in my favourites and pop by occasionally.
    No hard feelings ANON.
  8. Totally understandable. If this isn't a site where God wants you to be on, then by all means, don't join! But we will miss not having you as a member :)
    God bless you!!!!
  9. What ever God has told you , you need to follow and be obedient . God Bless.
  10. Hello Unregistered,

    I know you have had (or may have had) your questions previously answered. However, I would like to help out as much as possible -

    No, you will never be asked for money by anyone on this site. This is not a place where spammers or clip jobs run amok. You can be assured of that. If anyone attempts to show up here trying to do that, the staff usually stop them before they can solicit the members out of anything.

    Yes! Ask questions. The members here usually try to help out wherever they can, so any question you might have, we will answer for you. Or at least try to. :)

    I will refer to HisManySongs for this - see post #2.

    Yes, you may remain anonymous. We do not ask for any personal information and you have various options of keeping your and your profile(s) private from any outside viewing. :)

    The main forum does not have any sections for non-Christians. This is the open forum and everything is still closely moderated. The majority of the forum, if not all of it, is a Christians-only community. Believe me, the reason why most of the people here are here is because there are no debates or fights with Christians and non-Christians. We do not encourage debates or arguments, and we try to maintain a friendly, open atmosphere. The staff at the forum are very well-trained and there is always someone here to help you or to monitor the site. If anything happens, they'll know.

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