Is This Normal During Worship/singing To God?

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  1. Okay, this happened today... when I was singing (I was singing for a while) was like i felt something rush past made me turn was so weird and then it was like my left side was tingling or something*like someone ran a feather up and down my left side* it was so weird yet awesome at the same time... so Im wondering... was it me, was it the coffee I was drinking....somethn in the water XD lul... Or was it God C: ...

    What happens to you when you worship/sing ?

    *also when I sing I can feel the spirit bubbling around in my stomach, Im really happy,so much has appened... but i don't have time to ut it I might do it when I get a chance
  2. Hi pancakes! Our feelings may be genuine to us.

    In terms of authoritative truth, however, that we can keep going back to and rely on, we need to get into the promises of Scripture to the believer.

    (This would just be my general comment.)

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  3. Pancakes,

    YES YES YES!! It is the Lord's presence and have no doubt about this. My mum has always experienced this, some people say that get the smell of strong incense or a gust of chill wind. I quite often these days feel a feather like touch around my right hand while worshiping the Lord! Last night, I asked him for a sign that his presence is near me and I felt a tingling sensation around my right hand and then my left, my back got really HOT - couldn't stand the heat hehe.

    Its not you feeling things, his presence is with you :D

    Some people also feel the spirit being stirred up inside and yes it is in your stomach area...This should encourage you...!! God is gooood :)

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  4. Confirmation!!! Asked my Pastor she said the same thing!! and what's more..I heard God say I ushered in His presence ^_______^ I am a happy pancake lul..I think my life is complete XD I finally got what Ive been waiting for soooooo long lol..
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  5. Do not ever give up!! Always remember this when you feel down or upset about something. He is always near to us as he is promised! Really happy for you PC's :) God Bless!!!
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  6. I don't generally get very emotional or touched even during worship. I guess I'm just too rational at times and I've never cared for too much emotionalism when it comes to corporate worship. It's too easy to manufacture artificially.

    That being said, I have definitely had some experiences that were undeniably internal to the Spirit. Just a few weeks ago I was leading worship, and I kept getting chocked up so I couldn't do much more than mouth the words. Right message at the right time. Another notable instance was during rehearsal with a different praise team several years back. We were warming up and the Spirit was moving in our private warm up session so much that we couldn't bring ourselves to stop. The pastor came in to find out why we hadn't taken the platform and was moved by it so he brought the congregation to the hallway to worship with us right there. It was amazing.
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  7. I find it hard to get emotionally moved or touched during worship especially at church or when I know there is a whole bunch of people around me. Although when I'm alone in my room worshiping - now that is a completely different story. Don't think I'm comfortable opening up in large gatherings, but that's just me.
  8. But how do you know for sure it is God?
  9. Because he(God) told, when my pastor said it was God's presence that just confirmed it :)
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  10. Im on the praise team at my church, and I find their presence comforting, I can sing full force and just get in the spirit..but oddly when Im home alone..I feel self conscious and akward :p lol
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  11. Yes when I sing, I get chocked up as well ^^..thats amazing.. when I get into the spirit, I laugh,cry and speak in tongues :p
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  12. You just do because it comes with his presence. His presence can be different to different people - some experience extreme Joy, some cry with happiness/repentance. Others get heated up or hot in the hands, back and some say that their heart starts to race. Some even smell, feel and see...Any of the 6 senses can be stirred up..

    In my case:
    Its God because there's no one else in my room physically present. I asked God for a sign of his presence and that's when this happened to me. I doubt not! :)
  13. I am glad that you do not doubt Jake, all I am saying is that when worship is rooted in "emotions" or what we feel, there is a real danger there. I am sure you are aware of what I am saying and I in no way am rejecting your experience.

    1 Corinthians 1:10-13 tells us of these "feelings" because feelings vary so much from person to person and from time to time depending our our mental state of mind.

    2 Corinthians 11:13-15 tells us that Satan is a liar and a conterfit and he can and will do anything in order to get our eyes off of Christ on onto ourselves. I AM NOT saying that happened to you, however I am saying what is un-popular to say today in that our worship experience needs to be grounded in the Word of God and not emotional responces.

    Feeling are not necessarily bad, but they can lead to serious error if we let them control us. If we cannot trust these emotions to guide us, how can we trust any emotions? How could we know which to trust and which not to trust?

    Jeremiah 17:9 -
    The heart is deceitful above all things and is exceedingly corrupt. Who can know it? Would God use something so unreliable to lead us to truth? [Matt. 15:18-20; Prov. 4:23]

    Proverbs 14:12 -
    There is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. How can this be harmonized with the idea that "it can't be wrong if it feels so right"?
  14. I in no way am suggesting any error in your actions because I do not seek to argue with my dear in any way. I only try to give you another thought to pray about and seek the council of God.

    Acts 26:9 -
    Saul of Tarsus really thought that he ought to do many things contrary to Jesus. He felt sure he was right. But he was really the chief of sinners (1 Timothy 1:12-15).

    Jeremiah 10:23 -
    Proper guidance in how to live is not found inside man. It comes from outside man. Clearly we cannot expect to find assurance of truth in our feelings.

    Emotions are neither good nor bad of themselves, but God never intended for them to guide us or to reveal what is good or bad or to determine the basis of truth. We should control them, not let them control us. They are followers, not leaders. To follow them is to get the "cart before the horse."

    To believe that we can know right from wrong by praying for a feeling or by following our emotions is to pervert the purpose of feelings and to expose ourselves to all sorts of practices.

    (Study also Matthew 7:21-23 and 2 Corinthians 10:18.)
  15. I mean you don't have t be in the spirit to worship.... if you aren't speaking int tongues it doesn't mean youre doing it wrong or displeasing God..IMO I believe it depends on the Spirit^^... lol Yesterday.. when we visited another church..the man preaching was so anoited, as soon as he said "i can feel His presence in here tonight" I felt that same tingly feeling on my side,my face and in my hands... and even afterwards I would speak in tongues at random and its still sorta going on ,now, I' feel my tongue tingle and taste something like copper lol,and soon after start speaking in tongues..and my stomach still feels bubble... I know that I could never will this on bymself..I should know Xd I used to be a slight hypochondriac and none of theis never happened. I know this is God's spirit.
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  16. Major,

    I exactly understand what you mean here and just wanted to say that I'm not getting fleshly emotion mixed up with spiritual emotion. BIG DIFFERENCE between stirred up in the flesh and stirred up in your spirit.
    I praise God and give him the glory that - I've been long enough with the Lord to be able to differentiate between the two emotions felt...

    That would be another topic for another day BUT just wanted to say they are definitely not fleshly stirring but God causing a spiritual emotion to occur so as for it to have its effects on the external. Hope that makes sense.

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  17. Yes it does my brother and I am with you completly on this. I believe in liberty that God gives us to worship Him with. I love it when His people shout, and raise hands and glorify the Lord. But having said that, I also believe that you are aware that some of our brothers ans sisters get so wrapped up in their flesh that they fail to realize that what they are doing may have crossed the line of Godly worship and go into something very sinister.

    We all must be sensistive to our feelings and desern who they are coming from and who are they pointed toward.

  18. Sounds like your angeldar is working just fine. Take a look at Heb 1:7;
    “He makes his angels winds, and his ministers a flame of fire.”

    The NT has a lot to say about angels.


  19. Agreed brother, there are some that over do it and Im happy that's not the case here :)

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