Is This A Gelastic Seizure?

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  1. Today I laughed so much about very funny things, and I am still laughing, and I also cried of emotion when I listened to emotional music, and today I felt REALLY dizzy... It feels like I am about to faint and fall on the ground... But I had this dizzy feeling for few days now, but the laughter came today...

    I am a bit scared... I heard that these symptoms are the symptoms of a gelastic seizure... Is this a gelastic seizure? I also can't sleep still because I can't just get sleep...

    I've been drinking green tea about 2-3 cups everyday now, and my hemoglobine is 112, and it can be lower now...

    What is this all about? I am really scared and I don't want to die yet because of a certain reason...

    Send me prayers that I get healed from this dizziness though, but tell me... Is this a gelastic seizure? My mom won't believe me because a gelastic seizure looks like normal energy and happiness... D:
  2. Do you have health insurance? I recommend scheduling an appointment with a doctor, so that you get a more accurate answer. But praying!
  3. I never had a seizure, but is this a gelastic seizure? My mom is saying that this is nothing dangerous, but ofcourse it is dangerous because this kind of seizure seems to be just normal happiness... :(
  4. Based on what you described, it does not appear to be a galactic seizure. Also, galactic seizures are not very common, and even more rare in females.
  5. Will pray sweetie... I have no idea what's going on go see a doctor.
  6. Now that I think about it. I've been laughing all week because of one single joke. I'm going to do a bit more research on galactic seizures, and I'll let you know what I find. I have my doctors email, and she said I can email any time, so I'll send her a message too, and find out of it's anything serious.
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  7. Lol where x D

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