Is There Ever An Excuse For High Voltage Christian Parenting?

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  1. Man you so don't understand, i'm glad you don't too.. but really if you lived under an abusive wouldn't be so easily saying that. The way you look at it is so fictional, not every father is loving, come back when you had someone treat you like complete $hit all your life and tell me how easy it is to love/respect them. Ever had your dad yell at you to keep working and then shovel dirt in your face when you were 5 years old and were crying because you were too tired to continue doing lawn work in the scorching sun for the past 2 weeks? Ever had your dad try to choke you to death and say he wanted to kill you because he was mad? Sometimes I wish people would know just so they could stop acting like it is so easy to just shake off a abusive relationship.
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  2. After reading a lot of the posts on here i'm getting this vibe that people just think "oh a little violence is good, it's when you start throwing rocks at your kids that it is wrong". Really all i've got to say to this is WOW. My dad thought the same thing, except he drew his line a lot further than most people. I guess this line you all draw is just based on what you feel is acceptable?? Like do you really think you have the right to physically hurt your kids? Sadistic... Does anyone on this thread have dogs? Do you like to kick them when they don't obey you? Anyone who thinks hitting their kids is ok is just as bad in my book as a serious abuser, even if they feel like they are more justified, or their punishment 'wasn't as bad'. Tbh i'll admit this thread has upset me.
  3. I've calmed down.. Ok so, my apologies to basically calling a lot of people evil, but as you can see I obviously don't believe "high voltage" parenting is right, and while the parent might still love their child, it sure doesn't show through that method of parenting.
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  4. I don't think it is possible for anyone of us to fully understand what it like to have a father like your.....

    just out of curiosity , have you Joyce Meyer autobiography?

    if not, you might want to check it out, she had a really abusive father as well.
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    Yeah I heard about her. She is literally a saint to be able to forgive him.. I hope to someday be able to forgive my dad. It's going to take time though for sure. I'm still glad you mentioned her though, it helped to remind me of my goal someday. I'll honestly say this thread was a 'trigger' for me, and it becomes a lot harder for me to think clearly when i've been triggered, so I really appreciate that you mentioned her because it reminded me of the person I want to be, not a bitter person who can't forgive.
  6. good to hear

    my understanding is God will always help us to forgive and do the impossible, though it may take time

    I think that was the central message that Joyce tried to get across, how God enabled her to forgive.....
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  10. I believe that I, as a parent, have the right to do whatever I want, 福井舞.
    I WANT to do all things that will help my children to be strong believers.
    I WANT to do anything that will guide them toward being great, productive persons.
    I WANT to be a kind parent who respects my children, their personalities, and their talents.
    I WANT to b a parent who disciplines by example, not with a stick, whip, switch.

    Further, I would suggest that any parent who does not WANT to do these things is a failure.
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  11. May G-d bless those who had wonderful parents! I have met many wonderful parents, and I am old enough to have watched many little ones grow up and become parents themselves. The proof is in the puddin'. Those with parents who love them may not grow up to fulfill their parents dreams, but they grow up well and are great citizens. I am trying to remember a bad adult that grew up in a truly good home, and I can't remember one.

    I've also met many truly hideous parents. I've watched their children grow up, and some actually turned out very well, in spite of their parents, but there are way too many who didn't. God promises that He will visit those who were reared badly. He had the prophet write that He would look in on them, to see if they want to continue in evil or if they want to do well, and He promised that if they want to do well, He will assist them. Ya' just can't get a better promise from our wonderful, able G-d!
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