Is there any unhappiness in Heaven?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by WhiteLioness, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Is there any unhappiness in Heaven?

    Heeheehee...I love discussing doctrinal issues.

    Is there any unhappiness in heaven?

    GOD gets mad at sin, and the Holy Spirit has grieved before. So I guess GOD is not happy all of the time.

    What about the angels and the saints? Do they feel unhappiness too?

    I know the angels know what is going on down here. They see and watch over us. Do they get mad at us when they see us doing something that is not right?

    But do the dead saints know what is going on down here?
  2. I know God bears with us. He understands our suffering. So do the angels, since we have guardian angels you know. But you are right about the fact that God gets mad at sin is true.
  3. How old are you Lioness? You seem young to be asking lots of questions. Questions are great ofcourse. Just wondering.
  4. Jesus said ever since john the baptist there was a war in heaven,they cut of his head.:eek:
  5. Now why would there be a war in Heaven just because John's head was cut off?
  6. I am 20. Almost 21.
  7. i would imagine people in heaven didn,t think Jesus was true.:eek:
  8. I would say dis-pleasure, not unhappiness. Heaven will be the most joyous place, and we can not imagine even one-tenth of how it will be.
  9. And you have to remember satan was in heaven at one point also. So he was unhappy and jelous of Gods power.....

    So at one point there was at least, nd i think God is unhappy sometimes too,.
  10. Are you talking about when we go to Heaven, or at another time point, as in before we go to Heaven, IF you can understand how I am explaining it.
  11. NTG, my take on it (for what's it worth) is that she is referring to the present, but since you have posed this question, and I have re-read it, it is nearly impossible to tell.
  12. That what I was thinking too, but I cannot tell either.
  13. No

    Is there any happiness in Hell.................................?


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