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Is There Any Celtic Christian Music?

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by Polly, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. No, Celtic music is not always pagan, it's just traditional music from UK and Ireland, but I would like to listen to some Celtic Christian music... You know, Celtic music with Christian lyrics...

    Recommend me some of Celtic music songs with Christian lyrics... But I want happy sounding music, not like sad or melodic.
  2. "Celtic music" isn't the easiest of terms. It can be a marketing term which sometimes covers some (I suppose) "new agey" sounding stuff. If can also refer to the traditional music of some countries/regions. The rec.music.celtic FAQ gives:
    With the dance tunes (jigs, reels, etc.), there isn't really a common "Celtic" repertoire although tunes may well exist in more than one repertoire. Tunes travel (and don't know national/cultural boundaries such as "celtic") but they way they are played can vary.

    I don't know about hymns but one thing that crosses my mind is that there different languages which I'd guess would be a barrier to there being
    common Celtic hymns. Without even considering the differences between Scottish and Irish Gaealic (not that I know what they are), it might be worth noting that the Celtic languages are divided into two branches. Brythonic which includes Welsh, Breton and Cornish and Goidelic which includes Irish and Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

    My guess then is that would would probably need to be looking for hymns from specific countries. Here are a couple of Welsh hymns (although, I don't think they are part of a Celtic tradition).

    Calon Lan (A pure heart) is one of the best known.

    I can't find a youtube for this one but it's one I learned in primary school in Wales (I don't speak Welsh though and only lived in Wales for some of my earlier school years).

    'Rwy'n canu fel cana'r aderyn,
    Yn hapus yn ymyl y lli;
    A dyma sy'n llonni fy nodyn,
    Fod Iesu yn Geidwad i mi.

    Mae'r Iesu yn Geidwad i mi,
    Mae'r Iesu yn Geidwad i mi,
    'Rwy'n canu, yn canu wrth feddwl
    Fod Iesu yn Geidwad i mi.

    'Rwy'n gwenu fel gwena y seren
    O'r nefoedd, yn loyw ei bri:
    A dyna paham 'rwyf mor llawen,
    Mae'r Iesu yn Geidwad i mi.

    'Rwy'n wyn fel y lili fach, dyner,
    'Rwy'n gwynnu yng ngwawl Calfari;
    Gofalu amdanaf bob amser
    Mae'r Iesu yn Geidwad i mi.

    A translation I found.
    I am singing like a bird sings,
    Happily beside the stream;
    And this is cheering my note,
    That Jesus is a Saviour to me.

    That Jesus is a Saviour to me,
    That Jesus is a Saviour to me,
    I am singing, singing while thinking
    That Jesus is a Saviour to me.

    I am smiling like the star smiles
    From the heavens, shining its lustre:
    And this is why I am so joyful,
    That Jesus is a Saviour to me.

    I am white like a tender, little lily,
    I am whitening in the light of Calvary;
    Caring about me all the time
    Jesus is a Saviour to me.

    I'll see if I can provide some music for that later.
  3. I'm not very good at this and I'm not sure what I'm doing with the bar lines on this one but this is at least good enough to achieve what I want:

    X: 1
    M: 3/4
    L: 1/8
    G2 | c2 c2 d2 | e2 f2 e2 | d2 c4 |
    w:Rwy’n can-u fel ca-na’r a-de-ryn
    c2 | e2 f2 g2 | g2 f2 e2 | d6 |
    w:yn ha-pus yn ym-yl y llief |
    g2 g2 a2 | g2 e2 de |f2 f4 |
    w:A dyn-a sy’n llo-nni fy no-dyn
    c2 | e2 g2 a2 | g2 e2 d2 | c6 |
    w:fod Ie-su yn Geid-wad i mi
    G2 | c2 d2 e2 | f2 e2 d2 | c6 |
    w:Mae’r le-su yn Geid-wad i mi
    c2 | e2 f2 g2 | g2 f2 e2 | d6 |
    w:mae’r le-su yn Geid-wad i mi
    ef | g2 g2 a2 | g2 e2 de | f2 f4 |
    w:R wy’n ca-nu, yn ca-nu wrth* fedd-wl
    c2 | e2 g2 a2 | g2 e2 d2 | c4
    w:fod Ie-su yn Geid-wad i mi

    Copy and paste into http://mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php
  4. It's not New Agey... And I just like the kind of Celtic music that sounds like Medieval Celtic, also, New Age music is not "New Age", it's just music. But I like that song. :p
  5. Eden's Bridge is a group I like.

    Maire Brennan and Iona are some others.
  6. I was just trying to describe sort of how some of the music I've heard marketed as "Celtic" seems to sound to me. Anyway, here is Wikipedia's take on the term "Celtic music".

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