is there a search field?

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Trishcuit, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. is there a search field?

    I am just wondering because I am sure some topics could get discussed ad nauseum every time someone new signs up so it would be easier to just search for it and get what everyone thinks first before launching it yet again.
  2. There is a search link at the top right of the screen. There is also a search feature inside of each thread to search in that specific thread. You click on thread tools and it brings a drop down screen where there is a link for a search function.

    I will say that very few use that feature. And when new people join, especially people new to forums in general and a bunch of people tell them to search it alienates them very quickly.
  3. I am one to search first, ask questions later. Just because I love to read and am a research-aholic.
  4. That's a nice screenshot. :D
  5. yes, what a good visual aide. :)
  6. Indeed!:)

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