Is there a place for strong women in Christianity?

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  1. Is there a place for strong women in Christianity?

    The major stumbling block I've had to accepting Christianity for the last 8m that I've been actively investigating is the whole gender issue. Reading some of what is posted on the web regarding women and christianity just makes me groan internally and not want to bother(or go and boil my head). On a one to one basis with God, I have no issue, I also have no problem giving due respect to people with true calling and ability. When it comes to issues of how people interpret headship within relationships or the role of women in church though I just hit a brick wall.

    There isn't enough space to sum it up but I'm quite happy running a succesful company which is the sole income in our household, my husband does all the domestic stuff. it suits us both. As a non christian I suspect he would wet himself laughing if he thought I was even courting something which is widely interpreted as the woman letting the man make the ultimate decision rather than just doing it together. We have an equal partnership & happy marriage.

    It is this attitude I've come accross frequently which causes me the greatest problem and puts me squarely off church (which often seem to have seperate men and womens groups which I frankly dont understand, and even then the guy's stuff seems far more appealing than the womens). I play lead guitar in a rock band, I'm interested in motors and don't want to just talk about the kids et al.

    There just seems to be so little room for people like me.It would be so reassuring to know that it isnt all like this.
  2. So you would forfeit your soul because of what you perceive is the Church's (capital 'c') or the churches' (small 'c') attitude toward women's roles? I don't mean to be harsh, but that seems to be the choice you are making. Christianity is not like a club which one joins based on how it squares with one's own feelings, values, goals, etc. It is a particular relationship with God which determines your eternal destiny. The fact that you are happy with your life choices at this point are only meaningful for the several decades of your mortal life, at best. Your response to God through Jesus' death and resurrection matters not only for the rest of your mortal life, but for the rest of forever.

    Having said that, let me go on to say that there is no consensus carved in granite as to the roles of women in the Church (capital 'c'). There is continuous and vigorous debate within Christendom which ultimately is an attempt to understand the relationship between what the Bible teaches and the perspectives of modern culture. On this forum we have a number of members who attend churches with women prominent roles of authority and ministry, including as pastors, deacons, elders, and administrators. It's been a while since I paid any attention to that aspect, but I believe we have a number of female members who serve in those roles, as well. There is a pretty broad spectrum of views within the Church as to women's roles in various contexts, so that should not be a deterrent in becoming a Christian. There are many churches which would welcome you without taking issue with your lifestyle as you described it.

    The central issue of Christianity is the recognition that we are all sinners before a righteous, holy, and perfect God and that the only way we can have relationship with Him is through Jesus Christ who, through His death on the Cross and His resurrection, satisfied God's standards of holiness and righteousness on our behalf. The issue of gender roles, while an important discussion, is not the issue which defines Christianity or determines who is a Christian. You are right that it is a stumbling block, please don't allow it to trip you up.
  3. Yes!

    "God is no respecter of persons" (Acts 10:34).
  4. Well said Rumely ... not much to add . All I might say is like inHislove said ... God is no respector of persons and you can find churches where women take active roles and the men and women work together . That is the role that God has laid down that no one is any different and we are one body in Christ Jesus with each one having their part . God has given us all different giftings and we use them accordingly . That is unity in the church .

    I must say that our senior pastor is a woman and we all respect her and the male pastors all work together in harmony . We also have a diversely , cultural church with 45 nations worshipping together under one roof . We are not a perfect church and you will never find perfection but we are all joined together and are worshipping togeter in the love of Jesus Christ .
  5. Thank you for replying.

    It's not as simple as choosing to forfeit my soul because I don't like the way that the role of men & women are differentiated. It is more that I find it hard to really believe that Christianity can be true if this is the case, it makes it feel more like a human construct. I find it hard to square Christianity as a reality because this makes no sense to me that there should be a glass ceiling, I hope that makes more sense. I have been going to a cafe service at a couple of churches and am even 2/3 way through an OT course because I feel I don't really have any background knowledge but when I became aware of the various verses people cite relating to headship at home/in church this really floored me.
  6. I think I understand where you're coming from. It certainly raises a lot of interesting questions, each worthy of its own extensive Bible study. I don't have all the answers because I haven't done that extensive study. I am convinced, however, that God values women and what they do every bit as much as men and what they do. Your post has helped to bring into focus for me the questions I believe will lead to insight, clarification, and hopefully some difinitive answers regarding gender roles and functions within the Church.
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  8. Reassuring

    I have been very sceptical about the Church all my life for the very reasons touched on in this thread. But recently my husband and I attended an Alpha course and I have to say that it really changed my perspective. This is the first time that I have visited a Christian forum, and I have great respect for the people who have answered the gender query raised here with such valid replies, and what a worthwhile forum to be a part of. I think I will register and become a regular visitor. Thank you all for being such good representatives of Christianity.
  9. Good for you Jeanne :)

    I come and go with this one, I think I have it resolved but it doesn't take much to get me going again! It only really affects my interaction with church, I can't abide all the seperate women/men groups - but then perhaps most women in church like that as much as the men do?

    As I go to a couple of cafe services at the mo it isnt too much of an issue as I'm not fully involved in church life but I'd like to be able to see a path where that could be the case. One has a female minister and the other has had women speaking so that's a positive.

    Well take care all and thanks for your input. It does help to have perspective from 'mature' christians

  10. Thank you for that response and we would love to have you register . Yes the Alpha Course is a wonderful way to get to know about Christianity and I am so glad you took it .

    Looking forward to chatting with you , Jeanne

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