Is the second coming nearer?

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  1. Is the second coming nearer?

    2012 end of the world seem just based on mayan calendar... How about with christians?

    Can we see some signs when Jesus Christ returns? ( i know that Jesus nor the angels knew about his second coming but only the Father)
  2. I think God is warning us through other Christians. Here are 2 times that Jesus has warned us.
    Jesus Is Coming Soon (Suddenly)

    Although the exact date, only God knows. I believe it is soon though.
  3. Of course it is the scripture even says "his coming is even nearer now than when you first believed"
  4. But we know not the hour nor the time and no one can say that . Even Jesus does not know .... Only the Father knows . But certainly there area lot of prophesies that have been fulfilled . If you go to the Prophesy section you can see a lot listed .
  5. I believe the time is near for we can see many signs of the times. As far as 2012 we don't go by any calender but by the Word of God, and no one knows the exact time.

    Matthew 24:36

    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Matthew 25:13

    Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

    Mark 13:32

    But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

  6. I was going to refer to this video on one of my threads I was just getting ready to post. But you beat me to it :D.

    I might just put a link on my thread to here.
  7. That 8 part video is what put the scare into me to save me. I have never been so grateful and thankful. I'll hold onto that video as long as it's up.
  8. Many don't know this and if no one cares enough about them to tell them about Jesus and His salvation that's where they will end up. That's quite a motivater.
  9. I agree that the signs are an indication that time is drawing to a close but I do not follow dates like 2012. Jesus already told us that no man knows, only God. Not even the angels know. So, I continue in what I am called to do while watching and waiting on Christ return for His church.

  10. That's right . We must be busy doing the Father's work . so that we can be workmen that needeth not be ashamed.
  11. Yeah i observe the signs too . but def agree . no setting dates . i told a friend that i cannot wait til 2013 so i can sell T-Shirts saying . i made it through the year 2012 and bought the T-Shirt! lol
  12. All I can say is Come Quickly Jesus
  13. Psalm91, did you know Psalm 91 was a reference to believers living during the Tribulation?
  14. Hey that makes sense, (files that observation away for later use) Verses 8-16 are also very gospel of Mark .
  15. Abiding in the presence of God.
  16. Yes, Psalm 91 is about Tribulational Saints who are abiding in the presence of God.

    Did you know that or have you ever heard that before, or have you ever considered that before?
  17. I hadn't, but only half of it would be about the tribulation saints unless you're a preterist .

    It is also possible the first half is the captivity to babylon and the second half the story of Jesus .
  18. I abide in Him so I am protected and have the benefits of that chapter even now :)
  19. Amen, Godspeaks .
  20. How so???

    Well I dont see that, but that doesn't mean it is not so.

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