Is the Ad annoying?

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Is the Ad annoying?

    Is the advertisement I set up on top of CFS homepage annoying? I was thinking of contacting Christian companies if they were interested in the ad space. That should help us offset some expenses. With the extra income, I could make CFS even better. :D

    I would like your feedback. :)
  2. Just an update: will be monitoring CFS from now on. I'll get a detailed report from them if our site experiences any downtime. :)
  3. At first it looked very odd. I understand the need to raise support but how about having it somewhere esle on the page rather than being the first thing people see. Just a thought.
  4. Suggestion taken. I wasn't sure how others would feel. Thanks Ray. :D
    How about a one/two line advertisement? :)

    I'm just testing it out in various ways.
  5. I agree with Ray on the positioning but other then that no problem. In fact Jeff I am not sure I have been on any forums where they didn't have sponsors- advertisement for them and financial assist to help CFS grow- I call that a win, win situation!
  6. I never pay attention to the ads and if it will help with expenses, I'm all for it~
  7. The new smaller version that is online now is fine but prob too small to bring in much income.
    How about a small one like that at the top and a large one at the bottom of the page?
  8. Yes, good suggestions. Or I'll just give one on the side where the contest banner is shown.
  9. As long as they are Christian ads or at least not nonChristians ads, I don't see a problem with using a couple!
  10. The AD area kind of blends into the rest of the top area of the forum.

    To give the sponsor some additional "eye candy", can the header just above the click-link be colored yellow with bold blue and black lettering in just that one area? I have my doubts on that ability, but something should be done to that AD area to make it an attention getter rather than just allowing it to blending in to the rest of the forum color scheme.

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    I can't do it exactly the way it would look because of text limitations but you may get the idea...
  11. If ads keep the christian content up on the web, then do it! There is too much junk out on the web.
  12. Yes, I did think about this. :)

    They won't be the offensive type. I'll chose carefully.

  13. choose wisely jeff.i don,t want to be seeing a condom advert,lol.don,t buckle under for the are all watching in anticipation.:D
  14. Jeff I will not comment as my colour vision is not great. I have partial coulor blindness so my views are not going to be any help at all.
  15. I've not put in any color. Just modified it a bit to show text links only. I hope that's not annoying.
  16. Looks fine to me.
  17. not impressed with the horoscope page.
  18. good for you,hope you enjoy it.:)i on the other hand don,t get put of faith.

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