Is Taking Part In Fashion Sinful?

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  1. I enjoy making and wearing beautiful clothes. There are some things about fashion that are obviously seductive or sinful in some way, however some clothing is beautiful without being sexual. Normally people call that modest, as long as you're not trying to be seductive or look sexy. But is fashion intrinsically sinful, even if it isn't seductive? Is part of dressing modestly dressing without pride, and not drawing attention to yourself?

    Honest Question. I like looking pretty, I don't find myself thinking about whether people in general think so very often, but it does make me feel good just to feel pretty. I also appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty, and I do want my future husband to think I'm pretty and I'd like him to be proud of me. My motives aren't to look sexy and attract everyone, I don't mind covering up and being "modest", but I still think the whole thing is questionable.
  2. Read Romans 14 , pray it may give you insights....

  3. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong or sinful in fashion. God knows your heart/intentions/motives etc and if it is purely for the love of creating & making fashionable clothes and not intended to be used to draw attention or for the wrong motive I don't think its a sin.

    God has given each of us different interests and passions - all of us are called out into the market place to be good at what we do and to proclaim his word out in the world. If yours is fashion then that't it.

    I think anything can become sinful if it is used in an inappropriate manner.

    Hope that helps...
  4. During seminary, a question that came up was how much effort should be put into maintenance in a church. The money received in an offering is the result of stewardship and must be respected. Some churches seem to put a disproportional amount of effort into making their church look like a glorious temple, others fall into such disrepair that it's hard to believe they still have services. The answer I got from the pastors that I questions was that the church needs to be kept up to the extent that it is inviting and safe, but should never become sterile. It needs to look lived in.

    I tell that story to tell you this. Our appearance can be important, but it must not become an idol for us. John the Baptist managed very well in animal skins, street preachers often manage with just the bare minimum as well. But, beauty does have its place. Those that are turned off by one may be swayed by another.
  5. Here's where I struggle as a male:

    I like long elegant dresses and 'modest' appropriate clothing.

    My flesh (and in turn my eyes) likes to see curves and parts whether or not they belong to my wife (which I desperately wish I had.)

    I look at it like this: God created men and women to be attracted to each other. However, the bodies of believers are reserved first to God and second to your spouse and third to serving others. (Most people don't get past #1 & 2 to get to #3.) This eliminates the 'self' portion of your physical appearance.

    That being said: Proverbs 31 is a good place to start looking at what a 'virtuous woman' should be.

    In my mind's eye; what I want a woman that will be graceful and Holy in appearance before God and other men's eyes. What I also would like is a women that I can unwrap like a Christmas present at the end of the day! :D (No irreverence intended)

    So as far as following trends (or anything in that matter); you have to ask yourself in it: 'Am I honoring and glorifying God in this? / Is this Holy unto God and 'different' from the world?/ Will this make me a 'special treasure' presentable to God and obvious to the world?'
  6. Wow, you've all given me a lot to think about, and I appreciate that. I sense that I'm taking it too far somehow, so it's something I'll have to pray about and work through. Thank you!
  7. Hi there Erin:

    Kind of also, Define 'fashion'.

    There are definite trends in dress over the centuries. I hardly think for example that piety demands that people return to to the floppy dark dresses and long sleeves of Victorian times.

    It's good to bear modesty in mind, yes.

    When it comes to hemlines, etc., it's hard to be too dogmatic.

    And after all, how many preacher's wives put jewelry in their pierced ears and paint their lips? Lots do, but it's not in itself flamboyant.

    Best to be sensible, but I don't see a feminine interest in clothes and fashion as being wrong it itself; quite the contrary. After all, Lydia in Acts was 'a seller of purple', wasn't she?

  8. PS: For example, is there really some 'rule' as to how many inches heels are supposed to be? If there really is such a 'rule', I'll reckon a lot of Godly Christian women often break it when they go to church. It's good to be sensible, but not to be fixated with the outward at the expense of the inward and spiritual. Ephesians speaks of the 'inner man' that is primarily for cultivation. Blessings.

    (Is only this type of clothing pious?)

  9. My wife is a fashion designer. She makes me watch some of her fashion shows with her. I believe Christians must make themselves look good. There is nothing sinful about fashion. Woman just need to watch out for being sleazy, un-approachable (nun-like / nerdy dress-code) and too label / brand dependant.
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  10. Erin.......If the heart is right with Christ on the inside, fashions that we wear on the outside will be right as well.
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  11. Erin:


    Years and years ago some Christian women might well have participated in this kind of look:



    Nowadays, in turn, some Christian women might well choose to participate in this kind of look:


    So you see customs and fashions change, don't they?

    Some more modern fashions might yet give opportunities for testimony.

  12. I'd think just follow your own conscience.
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  13. One look in ON the skin while the other is IN the skin. Personally, I do not see how tattos are a fashion statement that Erin was talking about.
  14. Prepositions on/in...let's make this thread about fashion a grammar lesson...

    (But we digress...)
  15. I don't either Major, I think Erin was talking a pretty dress. I also believe (even though I've no body markings for myself - had an ear ring once but took it out some 30 years ago) someone with a tattoo could have thought about it. I know I'd rather be plain (and in my case plain male. As a male I don't get all women's fashion ) but don't feel I could meet someone and say "hey you have this thing printed in your skin" you can't be Christian.
  16. Modesty is very much a cultural thing. I remember reading an article about a Catholic missionary in the South Pacific mentioning that all his parishioners would come dressed to Sunday mass in their very best, but as soon as mass was over it all came off. They lived in a wet tropical environment where clothes would quickly rot and the natives spent their lives mostly naked.
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  17. Point was, there are many aspects to fashion and we don't need to feel bound always to the past. I agree about the general need for modesty also. Blessings.
  18. Me neither! The thought of a needlle places ink into my body scares me to no end.

    Farouk had an earlier thread about guns and needles and which are preferred. NEITHER!

    Listen boys and girls..........i have been shot at and missed and shot and hit. That was no fun. Then to stick a needle inme to look "different". NOPE, not me.
  19. Yes sir, that is very true. Ask any vet from Nam.

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