Is taking notes wrong?

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  1. When I attend Sunday services, I have a special journal I take with me. During the sermon I take notes. I focus on what is being said, and then I write out notes that flesh out what is being preached so that it is accessible to me. Of late, however, I am wondering if this isn't some form of distraction and that in fact what I am doing is taking me away from fully worshipping the Lord and that I should be paying full attention to the sermon with my ears only, and not by writing at the same time. I may be over-thinking the whole issue, but sometimes I fear that this note taking is a form of self-indulgence. I am just not sure any more. Opinions would be helpful.
  2. I think a journal for the main talking points of a sermon is fine. I see some people who look like they’re taking dictation though… to me that would be distracting.
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    It sounds to me like your overthinking things a bit. The enemy would like for you to think that your doing something wrong because it brings confusion and the Holy Spirit cannot flow if we are confused.

    In my opinion what your doing, is being good ground. God plants seeds in our pastors preaching. For us to be able to retain it, and for it to produce a harvest, we need to go over it many times and make a conscious decision to put it into action. And if you dont take your notes, and at home later put it into practical ways to apply it... you may miss something that God has for you. I also think that if you stop your, growth will slow down.

    Praying that God brings you peace
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  4. Well let's see here
    1 Timothy 2:15 says
    She who pays attention and takes notes so she can learn to apply these things to her life is a distraction and should be ashamed.

    Of Course Not
    It Says
    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    Any Pastor I sit under would wonder why I was not taking notes and one of my Pastors said one day the Holy Spirit quickened him and said, what is this not important enough for you to take the time and write it down?

    Rofl......he carries paper and pen and little recorder every place he goes.

    It's just the wiles of the devil trying to deceive you into not taking notes and growing in Christ.

    Now if you carried one of those old Royal type writers with the ribbon and sounds like a 22 pistal going off as you type, then Yea maybe it's a distraction .
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  5. Everyone learns differently. My wife often takes notes and struggles to take it all in if she doesn't have something to refer back to. I rarely take notes. I have a pretty decent memory (not so flash as I get older :p) and personally find it distracting (to myself) if I take notes.

    Another way to view this. One of my sons is very 'visual'. He prefers to have sub-titles when watching a movie or a teaching video (even when its in english). On the other hand, I find them distracting, because I end up missing things on the screen while reading the sub titles.
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  6. Thank you so much for your input. I make it a point to sit at the very back corner of the church so as not to distract other parishioners or the speaker - not that my pen is noisy or anything, but I don't want others sitting near me wondering what I am doing while they are trying to pay attention. Worse yet, I do not want others to feel like they should be taking notes just because I am - that in some way they are not as devout because they aren't writing things down. This would be a terrible thing to have happen.

    I know not where this habit occurred (probably college), but I find that writing while listening makes me listen that much more intently. My uncle the priest has told me about the many hours of research and preparation that goes into creating a single sermon. Sermons often carry gems of wisdom in them that I would loathe to forget, hence the notes. Being able to carry this wisdom into my daily life has helped me maintain focus on the Lord during the week. So yes, you are right, I was over-thinking it. Thanks to your comments I now feel like I am thinking more clearly about this. I am so thankful for your assistance.

    May the blessings be through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
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