Is Religion A Form Of Mind Control...?

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  1. The more I research and read about religions of our human history, the more it seems to be a form of mind control over the masses to keep people in line from doing good or bad things. Over time it seems that the gods became more human with powers beyond our understanding. Then the gods became more demigods/avatars with more human feelings, compassions, and emotions.

    Why are few chosen to be patriarchs and many left to suffer in their supposed sins? Are we sheep being led to the slaughter by a elite group conditioning the mind and forming the world? Good example of what I am talking about mind control is commercials of medicine we need if we have certain disorders like depression, sexual dysfunctions, stomach issues, and so on.

    Are we conditioned to believe in what we believe without questioning the organization/church or god for answers? Why is a questioning things wrong. As a child we questioned everything to grow. As an adult I question things to grow for deeper answers. Like were we planted here on this planet to destroy each other and grow and learn that no matter what color or belief we have, we are all the same. Our blood is the same color(red), our emotions are the same. Was the Tower of Babel destroyed because we were understanding and working together and not needing answers anymore. Then all of a sudden we were scattered and our language scrambled. I believe we lost technology. Now we have found it again.

    Like in all the movies from Indiana Jones, National Treasure seeking ancient relics, things that cannot be explained on how they made the things they did. Or finding something and reverse engineering it to get what we have today. Ancient civilizations that build precise and accurate alignments of stars lining up with Orion's belt or the Pleiades star constellation as their huge pyramid structures.

    I am off my soapbox now. Just venting my mind on a post to see what kind of responses I get.
  2. Hi follower,
    Great line of questioning! I say to you that religion is, indeed, mind control and I see that as the sin of religion. Jesus, who is God in the flesh of a man, hated religion. The men of the Sanhedrin were very religious and were (this is amazing) horizontally opposed to Him. Jim Jones, David Koresh, the JWs, the Mormons and many other ?Christians? with followers are exercising Mind Control.

    I was raised an Atheist and, as much as they protest, their religion is the ultimate in mind control. The very moment I began to explore outside the box I was rejected as a fool who was falling into the mind control freak's box. The effort was strong to keep me from the quest for truth. And the moment I connected with the Holy Spirit, all of the religious people rejected me as a fool.

    Having a GED, finishing only the 8th grade, people find it extremely easy to dismiss me as an uneducated fool. I seldom admit having taken any college courses because I discovered early that the religious immediately posture and find the idea humorous and easy to dismiss. As a Bible Teacher at my Home Church I run, head-long, into the religious, far to often. People are, just, comfortable in their religion and to step outside of that box and to connect with the Holy Spirit is, generally, rejected as not real.

    In the recent past, on another forum, I was accosted by a tenured professor at a seminary that began with, "Don't give me that Holy Spirit s___..." People, it appears to me, are so comfortable with the soft mind control that they do not quest for the answers. It appears to me that people think the Holy Spirit to be some mythical and ghostly influence that no one can actually contact or "hear" from. I'm curious to see the responses you attract with this string, also.

    God bless.
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  3. This is an easy one, just check the dictionary, the word "religion" in the English language comes from the Latin word "religio" made from the words "re" and "ligo" which means to bind anew, ...before someone is regenerated they might participate in some form of a "religion," then they are born again and many times, unfortunately, the are "bound anew" with some other form of religion rather than accepting, or finding their place in the "organism" of the Body of Christ. "I have come to preach..., ...deliverance to the captives." Luke 4:18

    Bill, I'm happy to admit I belong to the alumni of the University of the Holy Spirit in the Desert (but still go back for continuing education) along with such esteemed graduates as Peter, John, James, Paul, just to name a few. I met a university Bible professor with a PhD at a hotel here, the first thing out of his mouth was, "I hate it when my students come to me and tell me I have to be born again to understand the Bible," I didn't say anything, just let him spew his garbage, ...completely clueless and lost.

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  4. Hello Gene,
    the funny thing is that I am going to fail to argue your point on regeneration but rather will foot-note it. I, certainly, am not a special case but I did travel a different route. In November of 1966, the Golf Course and all of the battalions surrounding it came under an intensive mortar attack. The Golf Course was our airfield at An Khe, Vietnam and on that night I had gotten myself and my best friend, falling down, drunk. Charlie Dale took over 60 pieces of shrapnel in his back, trying to make me get out of bed, after he had been safe in a bunker 60 yards away.

    As the mortars slowed I looked around, in the bunker, with my flashlight, I noticed that Paul Edgar Hienen was not there and nobody had seen him. I left the E6 in charge with the knowledge that I was going to wake Paul up before Top or the Old Man found out. As I entered his squad tent there was gore everywhere, his torso looked like ground hamburger on his cot, his head looked at me, eyes wide, from the 105 case he used for a book case and his legs and arms were, just, everywhere.

    At 0700 the light began to arrive and Bill Taylor, the Chaplin's nightmare, found himself in the middle of the Company Street, cursing the God he had proven over and over to not exist. As I stood there, a still, quiet voice, that no one else could have heard said, "Why curse me, you don't even believe!" I did not go to Church, I didn't even admit the truth to the Chaplin but I knew God lived and I knew I was going to Hell.

    From that day forward I did all I could to get the kids under my command to accept Jesus and not follow me into an Eternity in Hell. After I ETSed I got another Bike, took my former Spyder colors off the back and with silver painted a large, ghostly circle with the words, "God is alive" in the middle of it. There I would go, beard down below my belt buckle and hair down to my butt, drunk as a skunk and being chased by God, everywhere I went. Looking ack I remember Moses, another lawless skunk, pursued by the Master.

    New Years Eve, 1989, I was singing the New Year, 1990, in for a bar full of drunks and mid-song, the Holy Spirit overcame me. I left without my $300 and went, as soon as possible, to Church to be Baptized. I didn't understand the religion thing then, any better than I do now.

    Your experience with the proff sounds very close to mine on the other forum. I'm still returning, regularly, for the Master to straighten my warped head... God bless, my friend.
  5. Bro, I hear ya, our education won't be complete until we are in His presence.

    I have a similar story, od'ed on acid, but God spared me, I knew He had intervened in my life, but I spurned His offer of salvation for 20 years, finally the paranoia from the drug experience won out and I was nuts for a year and a half, friend took me to church and someone gave me a Bible with the words of Jesus in red, I found if I read those red words I could sleep for 5-10 minutes and escape the insanity in my head, finally after 3 years of the Lord drawing me to Himself He shined His righteous light into my Spirit and revealed my final destination, ...Hell, that night I accepted His offer of salvation.

    Lord bless you too brother,

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  6. Greetings:

    Religion is the only sensibleness that prevents mind control by the prince of the worldlinesses.TheHoly Ghost only talks in
    religion,references to biblical passages.Christ is our guide to holy living.The non-holy go to hell.

  7. I'm bound to disagree. Christianity, in it most prevalent form is an empty religion that just tickles Satan to no end. Christianity, as taught by Jesus, Paul and the Eleven others was not and is not a religion... it's a personal relationship. That is why at least 98% of the Church Universal, a.k.a. the catholic Church (not the Catholic Church, (watch the caps)) will not be raptured. Matt 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; (ASV) Daily and especially on Sunday I see these religious people and their condition is very, very, sad. They find "this Holy Spirit thing" a complete mystery and are religiously going through the motions but they are bound for eternity in hell, they have not a personal relationship with our LORD.
  8. It depends on what one means by "religion". Religion may simply refer to the aggregate of one's beliefs. As such, it is simply a descriptive term. However, man often projects his inherent sinful nature into his or her religion and thus "weaponizes" it. All the ills that people blame on religion are really rooted in man's basic, sinful nature. Mankind uses politics, psychological tricks, manipulation, advertising gimmicks, philosophy, and a whole host of other means to influence the feelings and behavior of others. Religion in the hands of an unregenerate man is just means to his selfish ends.
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  9. i think we need to be specific: there are hundreds of religions....
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  10. I don't think it follows that atheism is in contrast a supposedly benign and benevolent value system.
  11. Exactly. Some of the most angry, hateful people I have encountered are atheist apologists.
  12. Imagine the slogan: 'You too can be like Stalin and Pol Pot!'

    I certainly don't blame all the ills of Stalin and Pol Pot on all atheists. But attempts to tar Christians with the same brush as that of irresponsible extremists would be no more fair, either.
  13. No religion (nor lack of religion) corners the market on hate. However, Christianity teaches love, so it could be said that those that do not exhibit love, are not Christians but simply claiming something that is not part of their beliefs, or it could be said that one party disagrees with the other's definition of love.

    Atheism teaches nothing. Atheists CAN certainly be tolerant and kind, but it is not something taught by the concept of Atheism.
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  14. The problem enters as soon as the word "religion" enters the conversation. The reason being that there are so many accepted uses of the term. i.e. I was a very religious drunk before I was saved. I was drunk before I left for work and was still consuming as I went to bed.
  15. Religion is man's attempt to find and determine WHO God is. Christianity is God's way of reaching out to man and providing him with reconciliation AND that knowledge, through His Son.
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  16. Proven in the life of Richard Dawkins. The most spiteful, condescending, supercilious person I have ever had the unpleasant occurrence of hearing.
  17. "Test all things; hold fast what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

    So, yes our Heavenly Father does want us to check things out, and only with Him can we find out all that is really good :)

    However, religious practices and beliefs can be a set-up for producing copy-cats; then some predator can come along and imitate that stuff with such low standards that a psychopath can imitate it. And because the religious folks are judging one another by their very inferior standards, the sociopath can seem to even be qualified to be trusted as a pastor.

    But our God makes us able to test so we are not fooled.

    Mostly, then, I can be my own problem > I can fool my own self because of not testing with God.

    We can have things we look for, but these can be faked. And then someone can control us, by controlling what we want. For example, then, if you want money, you can be controlled by the people who control the economy!

    So, most of all we need to be wise to ourselves! :) Not only looking to blame others!
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  18. Comfy,
    The largest obstacle to the average lost man I speak to is the ?Christians? use of their guns to kill the wounded when they fall into sin. Good words there.
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  19. Yes, Bill > I think of "with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love," (Ephesians 4:2) >

    We need "longsuffering" so we are ready to bear with others when we discover how they are wrong. Even our really right and mature Christian friends and leaders can be wrong, somehow, at times. We need to be ready with "longsuffering" so we are strong enough and wise so we do not give up on them and then miss out on all the good we can share.
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