Is Our Lord Real? I Want Him To But I Have Doubt

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by cristianthelostsoul, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Matty,
    the LOL, preface, in you last accusation should tip you off, if you are reading what you post, that your comment is not from the Holy One.

  2. Yes he is real. I have seen him in visions more than once. God came to earth as flesh (jesus) to give us his life as a lamb is given as attonment for sacrafise, because he so loved the world.
    I have also seen angels, and god has used an angel once to wake me up at 3am in the morning to save my fathers life.

    Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened. For Jesus says this and he also says..I will not turn away those that come to me!
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  3. Your doubt is good. You don't wanna fall into a gullible trap of believing things simply because you have an emotional experience. That feeling is likely a surge of dopamine. With every religious claim you hear, evaluate it using reason. Be intellectually honest and make decisions about what you believe and what you reject based on that.
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  4. Perhaps God is not answering because he is teaching you a lesson in Patience, Humility, Humbleness and Grace. Don't ask God for anything. He will guide you in good time. Thank God for what you already have. Thank God for the blessings in your life right here, right now. If you think there is nothing good in your life, you are wrong - perhaps just the fact that you have all your fingers, and all your toes is something of a blessing. I know people who have less, and they are less self pitying.

    God is not a casino. God is not a genie. God is not an ATM card! God wants more for you than to just answer your cry for 'help'. He wants to help you change. But it has to be in your heart. And your heart has to be open, and your heart has to have love and light in it, regardless of the darker days. If not, you have closed yourself to God, and you will not hear him.

    So start Thanking God for what he HAS given you already, instead of commiserating that he hasn't given you what you want right now.
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  5. You're advocating to not ask God for anything? Doesn't your religion teach you to ask your god for things?

  6. No WingedVictory. That is not my message at all. But perhaps if you refer to the above extracts from my post, you might understand more of what I was saying. I believe in asking for salvation, but I don't believe it comes as a quick fix as our fellow poster seems desperately seeking and wondering why God doesn't change his life in an instant. No matter how loud a person wails or how hard they beat their chests, God answers in his own way, and not always in the ways we 'want' him to, but in the ways and guidance we 'need' him to.

    There is no right or wrong when it comes to asking God for things. I ask for guidance, I ask for love and I ask for the same for my loved ones. I ask for strength. I ask for continued health for myself and my loved ones. Above all else though, I give thanks and I count my blessings. I would rather give thanks than ask for anything. But that is me, and my relationship with God. He has shown me that he is with me no matter what, and I feel at peace with his presence in my life and my relationship. I do not expect another person to have my same relationship or my same experiences, let alone my values and culture. These things are richly unique to every individual. I am the last person to want to advocate what one should and shouldn't do - I prefer to suggest what one could or couldn't do. Quite a difference.
  7. Your original post looked like you were saying not to ask your god for anything, especially when you said "Don't ask God for anything." without any apparent qualifiers to that statement. That was the extract that I was referring to when I asked for clarification in the first place. Thank you, I appreciate you clarifying.
  8. Basically.... God will give you what you need...not what your flesh desires and wants in this world. and infact...that is because what we want is usually ignorantly wicked... unless we have the holy spirit to help us to know what we ought to ask god for.
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  9. Thanks for explaining. I appreciate it!
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  10. God has not left His name etched onto the surface of planets. However, there is abundant evidence that the universe was designed by super intelligent Agent, who purposed that the universe should exist and be capable of supporting advanced life. The design of the universe is just one line of evidence that tells us that God is real and created the universe. The design of the earth and solar system is also quite impressive. In addition, human beings are remarkably different from every other animal on earth.Reason is we are created in the image of god and far more powerful than angels if we know our capability and gift.
  11. Friend,
    "faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see."
    Your hope is not lost and will not die.
    Hope this helps! I'm sure it does :)
  12. Hi

    You have received good advice here.

    It is good to hear you are not an atheist. It is nice to know we can discuss as believer to believer Psalms 14:1. To find God, we need to search for Him on His terms!!! Contrite heart, broken and contrite spirit Psalm 51:17. Humble, not proud James 4:6. Prepared to walk in His footsteps Matt 16:24-26.

    We all assume God hears our prayers but He doesn't! John 9:31 says God does not listen to sinners.

    Draw near to God from the heart John 4:24 and He will draw near to you James 4:8. When He draws near to us, there comes a point when we receive an un-deniable revelation of Jesus 1 Cor 12:3 and Matt 16:16-17. We can then walk and talk to God our Father daily John 10:27.

  13. Very well put King J

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