Is Our Lord Real? I Want Him To But I Have Doubt

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  1. I know he is there and I can feel him but what If he is not? What if it's just takes and imagination from back in the day. I just wanna die not knowing is killing me I'm going crazy
  2. I am thinking you need some good counseling-not forum chat. Find yourself a good Bible believing Church near you and have a serious sit-down with the Pastor.
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  3. Careful with your words btw too brother. You could be inviting a demonic spirit in your realm by speaking death. James 3.
  4. I just don't know it's rationality and belief clashing against each other here that's why I want to get it all over with and just wait for life's depletion
  5. There is more to life than what you have already found. We are meant to be here. If accepting Christ and going to heaven was the only goal, then you wouldn't be here. God would just zap you to heaven like that. But no. God leaves us here, for a purpose!
  6. I know he exists but I also think of other things and I get so lost I believe the bible but I wander what if and if I say what if a simple u just have to believe doesn't fix it for me "you just have to believe" kills me because I already believe but I have doubts and he just sists there and states at me even if I ask him to kill me or take me or tell me what he sees in me he doesnt
  7. God is always talking to us. He often times uses the 'still small voice'. We don't usually audibly hear God, like we would with our peers. So listening to God is different. I bet He talks about you, you just don't know how to listen. :]
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  8. I'm sorry folks are not better trained but from your posts I see a human in a seasonal change and the advise to seek a good church that fears God is good advise but that search can take years and you need help, right now. Changes of season occur when death, birth, marriage, job loss and a whole bucket full of other Life Events.

    There is nothing that can help you more, at this point, than the one thing Christians seem scared to death to do... you need to test God. If you do not do this in a God honoring man0r, it can send you to Hell, so read, meditate and pray before you do this. When I tested God, He answered, just as He with Gideon in the Old Testament and just as He will do in your case if you will seek after Him.

    God bless, is my prayer for you.
  9. How?
  10. I know he said not to test him that we shouldn't we have no power to, I never thought I'd feel like this it feels bad nothing can fix it no paychologist or medicine or drug can help me If he is real only he can nothing on this earth can make me happy right now nothing I just want to die I need him to change my life not by me going to church and people telling me about him I need him to show me I need to have an experience with him that will change my life that's why I want to be alone far away from society if I die that way I want him to know it isn't exactly suicide it's just the only thing I can do be alone and praying even if I die I can't stand it anymore I only joined trying to seek other help to not go to such points and I'm no one to test god cuz I'm nothing I'm absolutely nothing but it's been too much and I just hope he understands because I dont
  11. read all of the Bible, please.
  12. He, absolutely, does and He is aware that you are being tested, right now. It is your choice to go off and to, just, die or to call on Him for His help. You are not as worthless as I and yet when I called, He answered. You need to decide, correctly... Satan or God?
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  13. Thank you for that th1bill...exactly what I needed to hear...I've just recently found Christ and God and realize I don't know the Bible as well as I thought...I have so much more to, read, read til my eyes bleed...I am a sinner but Jesus is giving me a second chance...I am learning and I have so much more to learn...Peace, out.
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  14. I went to p
    I went to pray to him again then I fell asleep I read judges 6 and forth where it shows Gideon and the way he tested god, I just don't get it how can it say "then te lord said" how did they hear him? Why isn't it so easy for me to have such a connection with him what if this connection isn't a connection at all but a sign someone has gne afar bro religion they have lost pay of their rationality as to think a voice in their heads which could very well be their own is actually gods I want him to show me that he is there I also sleep at the church hoping he talks to me in my dreams but nothing ever happens
  15. Here I would quote Padre Pio (a catholic saint)
    "Whether God reveals Himself to you or hides Himself from you, remember, it is all a game of love."
    In more simple terms, God will reveal Himself to you when you need it, not before. And remember
    "blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believed".
    God will speak to you in His own time. The error many fall in to is expecting a "certain type" of experience,
    while ignoring the presence of God around them every day.
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  16. I just need him bad and praying and reading the bible isn't cutting it it can only help so much I feel like it's time for me to clarify it but appearently he doesn't wants to talk to me yet I don't know what he expects me to do.
  17. You are either an Atheist or a clown... you just gave yourself away... I used this same tactical line when I was so blind that I could not or more properly, would not see the truth.

  18. I'm not an atheist I believe if I were an atheist I wouldn't be trying to get close to him, if I were an atheist I'd stick tothe facts and not try and find him. I know the whisper I know one must be calm and hear him if I am an atheist then I didn't know about it cuz I always believed in god and I refuse to believe he isn't real but in that refusal there is much doubt
  19. But I probably did a mistake in trying to find help in these forums, a book wasn't enough because it is confusing and no i am not a clown either I really was trying to find help but anyhow god is the only way to the truth and weather or not his word takes me there a prayer is the only thing that I can do I'm alone in this we all are and I'm not "tactical" either my tactics are actually the worst. Bye
  20. I do :] But i have still never heard of that theology.

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