Is meditation a bad thing?

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  1. All you need is the genuine spoken word and faith, nothing else is required to demonstrate God's power
  2. the kinds of meditation that you read about on those websites focus on controlling the body in order to get a certain feeling or response. it involves methods of manipulating the body to your will. while i don't know if they are bad or not, i can tell you that it is not what the bible is talking about when it says "meditate." the words used simply mean to muse and think, while these forms of meditation involve far more than just thinking. if you truly want to meditate in a biblical way, then find a quite place, get into a uncomfortable position (yes, uncomfortable like kneeling), and simply ask God questions. think over the questions and be still to allow yourself to hear God speaking. you don't need special breathing or concentration techniques. you just need to peace and quiet to think and listen to God.
  3. I understand that if a person meditates along the Eastern style, he "empties" his mind completely. In doing so, he allows a void. In that void, Satan and his beings are able to gain entry. Therefore, DO NOT meditate along these lines. When you meditate on God, you retain your focus on God in order for Him to speak to you or bring you in relationship with Himself.

    Your friends here on ChristianForumSite have given you some very good, very sound advice. Please heed it. Please avoid the internet when it directs you to these sites you mention and any others similar. When in question, the folks here at CFS will gladly help you to find an answer that is sound.
  4. its not so much that Satan can enter in as much as traditional meditation lacks the proper focus. it is entirely focused on manipulating the thoughts and feelings in your body to "your" will, as opposed to relinquishing control to God. some methods do involve becoming in-tune with nature, but generally you are right that you start the session by pushing everything out of your body so you can gain complete control. i tried it some when i started college and decided eventually that it was not a good practice. i have discussed it with some friends a few times since then, and we have differing views on its effects. technically speaking, as my friends pointed out, praying and dwelling upon the word are forms of meditation too, but they have entirely different focuses. don't mix them up with Eastern meditation. it will lead down the wrong path in my opinion.
  5. The types of meditation connected with Chi, Yoga, Buhdism, Marshall Arts and others, are all Cult religion based. They are forms of meditation or praise and worship of a false god.

    When I learned Marshall Arts, I would only learn the physical training part, not include myself in the mental meditative parts. Besides, I found with the higher thresh hold I had for pain, I could handle more than many of those doing that practice.

    But.. point is, they are for praise and worship forms to false gods. Stay away from them at all costs, or as mentioned, it opens the door for direct demonic activity to start.

    They are all for putting yourself in a state of mind, seperating yourself from the physical world to some level as well.

    God Bless!!

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