Is meditation a bad thing?

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  1. Is meditation a bad thing?

    I believe in god and I was wondering if meditation is a good thing or not? I have wanted to attempt meditating yet I don't know how or where I should look. I have found something and it was through this video below. I found it through a search on meditation.

    I remember reading in the bible somewhere Jesus sating something like " If you have enough faith you can do what I can do." and " If you have faith the size the size of a grain of rice you will be able to move a mountain." Well I would like to be able to have faith so I can do the same kind of things, while teaching about god, and helping others.

    Well anyways I went to a website that I found through there which is where I learned that it was Taoism for this type of meditation. ALCHEMY FORUM • View topic - Where To Start?! - Newcomers Get Over HERE!!!

    Yet what is Taoism? and should I be looking into this or something else?

    Note: I didn't watch the things that it said for a Christian to watch because I am not sure if this is something I should look into or not, and if it is right or wrong. I say this because I have not finished reading the bible yet, and I dont want anything to cloud my judgment.
  2. Hey, I don't know if is wrong or right either, but I think we are supposed to meditate on God's word. But, I doubt this site will help you get closer to God. I think meditating on God's word is taking each verse apart and getting all you can get out of it; studying it like you would study meditation. I'd hate to say more, but others on this forum who are more mature in Christ will know more about it. Good luck.
  3. I don’t have to look any farther than the titles of those videos.
    Don’t even look at them and for sure don’t try to meditate like that. They aren’t Christian.
    Meditation and meditating on God’s word are two different things.
    Read the Bible and then sit quietly, meditate on what you’ve just read and let God speak to you.
  4. Draved. You sound confused.

    Taoism is an Eastern Mystic religion and has no connection wit Christianity.

    When Jesus spoke of faith moving mountains He was not asking you to delve into some mystical religion He was simply saying believe in Him. Have trust in Him.

    It is not your faith that moves the mountain but God.

    As for meditation. Again this depends what you mean. God tells us to meditate on His word. In other words to study His word, think about it, turn it over in our minds and allow the teachings of His word to form the foundation on which we build our lives. This is totally different to some forms of Eastern Transendental Meditation.

    Who am I in the previous post was correst in saying:
    Don’t even look at them and for sure don’t try to meditate like that. They aren’t Christian.
    Meditation and meditating on God’s word are two different things.
    Read the Bible and then sit quietly, meditate on what you’ve just read and let God speak to you
  5. Those techniques can and will bring demonic activity- I would advise leaving them alone.
  6. AMEN! Chew on the Word, take it apart and look at each word. Saturate yourself with praise music. Think on the names of God and what each one means. Soak in His Presence.
    But stay away from those sites and situations that are definitely NOT Christian and are looking for ways to pull you away. They open doorways that you do NOT want to open. They can be subtle and look good, but before you know it, you are in over your head.
    Draverd, God is full of mystery Himself. There is no way anyone can learn all there is to know about Him. You could take your whole life, and not even scratch the surface. He wants you to search Him out. Keep seeking Him, and HIS ways. Let Him lead you.
  7. Be careful what you ask for because God might just give it to you. The bible is full of people who had great faith you are correct and they could do amazing things through God. Most people don't realize that those people of great faith paid a very high price and suffered for the sake of God. They didn't sit down and clear their heads and practice moving a pencil with their minds. They sought out God and prayed for years obeying Him in what ever He told them to do. It took Moses 80 years before God would even use him for anything other than tending to a flock of sheep. Sure he grew up in that community and desired to help free his people from their captivity but he did it all wrong. God needed to take him away from there and break him before God would even use him.

    If you wish to be a man of faith then you must be a bond servant of ALL. A lot of people think "I" would love to be able to heal people or move mountains or save people. God wants the honor and praise for that but 99.99% of the people who want this, crave the attention and will take great pride in doing things like this which would be completely against what God had intended. If you want to do something great bow your head and seek his face in everything you do every moment of the rest of your life. If you focus on God then He will be faithful to use you, if you want the glory or recognition you might want to put any plans you have off for another 40 years so that god can break you down to use you.
  8. My friend...I've talked about meditating in some of my other posts; but for me, when I say I'm meditating, it's more like a prolongued prayer and praise to God.

    If something about the bible confuses me or touches me deeply, I take some time to just sit with my eyes closed and concentrate hard. Sometimes I'm just so happy for all God has done, I pray to Him for a very long time to thank Him and to let Him know that I love Him. That's what I call meditation.

    Just be careful, my friend! God loves you so much. Why would you want to meditate on anything other than His love for you and your love for Him?:)

  9. Amen Dean.... The only meditation should be on the Word of God. When we read His Holy Word, let Him reveal to us what He is saying. Meditate on the Lord. That is the only form of meditation. When I go to bed at night is the time I seem to meditate on Jesus and all He has done for me during the day.Last night I was meditating on what my pastor has said during morning service. Thank you Jesus.
  10. No, meditation is not a bad thing. It's Biblical. See Genesis 24:63, Joshua 1:8, Psalms 1:2, Psalms 119:15, 23, 48, 78, 148, etc.

    I suggest that you read the Bible, pray to God for as long as you can and then be silent to hear the voice of God.

    God bless you, and thank you for asking. :)
  11. Like everyone else said, THOSE types of meditation are not about Christianity.

    That is why you should make sure to STUDY before you go into these things and learn what you are getting into.

    Meditation may seem harmless but you do not know what you are meditating on, especially if the words are in a different language that is not your native language.

    :) Draverd, if you need any help, I can give you some info on those types of things so you'll be better prepared, 'kay? :D Always here to help.
  12. The Bible speaks of meditating on God, on the spiritual things of heaven.
    Psa 1:2 But his delight [is] in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. That is good.

    Secular meditation often asks you to clear your mind and open yourself up to whatever wants in. That is bad.

    "Heavenly Father fill me with your Holy Spirit." - good

    "Ohm....ohm...." - bad


  13. Well, let me share you an advice, brother in Christ.

    Meditation is simply reading the Bible. Reading the Bible nourishes our Spiritual Body. The more times you read the Bible and understand it not Literally but Spiritually, God promises to bring you success in Life. Don't get carried away by practices of other religions. Just simply and eagerly look unto God.

    Remember, you are being held imprisoned by sin by a long time and you found freedom by having Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Just remember what Jesus did to you on the cross of cavalry.

    Just read the word of God and thats simply meditation.

    God Bless you Draverd.
  14. Taoism meditation requires the practitioner to empty his mind to supposedly reach a higher state of spirituality. A mind in this state can become a hive for demonic activtiy. Scripture teaches believers in Christ to fill their minds with the word of God. If I were you I would stay away from taoism, and any other named method of meditation that requires you to empty your mind. They do not promote Christ, they don't bring you any closer to Him, and they don't build your faith in God.
    Biblical meditation, however, is the pondering of scripture and spiritual truths revealed by the Holy Spirit. This kind of meditation will always bring you closer to your saviour, and build your faith.
    Check out Psalm 1 and Joshua 1:8
  15. Well said xlogic1
  16. Mediation can be a tricky and dangerous thing. You never know what you are allowing into your mind when you mediate without really knowing. I do yoga as a low impact exercise because i have cancer, but when it says to mediate, I mediate on God's words, or I pray. Mediation is where you are seeking a new state of relaxation, when we mediate on Gods words, we get more than relaxation, we get peace, tranquility, everything seems to be lifted. The best thing for Christians to do is be in the word study what God says.
  17. Praying is the only thing necessary.
  18. Draverd, you say you believe in God, but have you had a personal experience of salvation through Jesus Christ? Many people believe in God - in fact the Bible tells us that even the demons believe in Him - but it is only through Jesus that we can actually come to God. Take time to read His Word, and think closely about the things revealed in it. That is Biblical meditation. Don't get involved in the kind of mediataion practiced by other religions - or any of their other practices. They will only serve to draw you away from God.


  19. Once I was in a Pilates class and they were doing a meditation, I was also participating but I was not foolish, the very second the person in charge started saying the words "sa ta na ma" I shut my mouth immediately and got frustrated and felt satan roaming in the room. They were all whispering these letters and I couldn't believe it. It was like a satanic cult for the 15 minutes that they did it. I wanted to leave but I know God is more powerful than anything so I sang praises to God and asked Him to forgive them and to counter the presence of the devil with His and just spoke to my Father.

    Never should a christian partake with anything that is secular. Believe me, meditation of that sort is not of God.

    Be careful in what you do or hear, if it seems wrong inside, then do not do it. God's spirit will warn you.
    In all things that we do, let us all rejoice in the Lord and sing praises and hymns to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen :)

    God bless you all!!

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