Is Judas Iscariot In Heaven.

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  1. Sadly I've done zero research on this all I know is that he betrayed jesus for silver and hung himself.
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  2. Where he is, we do not know. He certainly has not been declared a saint, though. I do believe the Bible refers to him as the son of perdition, which would indicate not.

    And actually I have read that hanging was not common in that day, and Judas actually tripped in a field and was subsequently disemboweled.
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  3. I doubt it, like Godspell said, he was referred to as the son of perdition or loss, damnation, and utter destruction.
  4. But at the end of the day that is up to God.
  5. My pastor taught me that it was both. You are right though hanging was the least common. He did seem sorry though

    Do you have any verses?
  6. those were definitions of the word perdition. I wish it were different for Judas as I'm sure God does..but it is what it is.
  7. Both hanging and disembowlment are in scripture. I was watching a TV show where they were talking about finding Caiphus' family tomb and that the potter's field where Judas is believed to have died which is right in view of the tomb, implied that Judas picked the site on purpose to "curse" Caiphus. The money - 30 shekels of silver was thrown by Judas back at the priests/temple. The money was considered "blood money" by the priests and was used to buy the potter's field. Precedent was using money given by an inappropriate source for a latrine.

    A book attributed to Judas was found in recent years portraying Judas as someone who did Christ's will which doesn't square with suicide or mysterious disembowlment. If we go by scripture (canonical), Judas was taken over by satan. Suicide is a well known tactic of the devil.

    Only God knows Judas' status.
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  8. I've thought Judas seemed sorry also. But if he is in fact in hell, which is up to God, I think it would be because he was genuinely an evil person.
  9. The Gospel of Judas, I assume your talking about, is a gnostic text. Probably wasn't actually written by him, but it is clearly a self edifying text. Whereas the other texts tend to focus on Christ, his focuses all on Judas.
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  10. He hung himself over the cliff and the rope broke and his body fell and was burst asunder...
  11. Also I just want to point something out. Many skeptics will claim that Judas was just doing god's will and had no choice. This is completely false, God puts people in the position but gives them a choice. While god knew Judas would betray Jesus it was through his own free will.
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  12. Yeah, right. Tell them the next time they are betrayed that the other person is just doing God's will.
  13. No they are not "doing God's will", but rather following their own will. God can. however, use your will to support his plan. It's also likely that Jesus still would have been crucified even if Judas did not betray him.
  14. Honestly, I would put forward that Judas indeed followed his own will. God simply knew what he was going to do and inspired Isiah (or whoever) to write it down.
  15. And I want to point out a few things (also I am no sceptic): This was before Pentecost but Judas was not the first apostle who was affected by satan - did not Jesus, addressing Peter, say "get behind me Satan" when saying He was to die? Judas has been indicated as a zealot but this did not say he didn't believe Christ was the Messiah. Unfortunately for Judas, his will was to try and force Christ/God's hand to be the 2nd Messiah and demolish Rome. I believe it was Judas' will but it also seems he regretted. If we leave the way open to satan for our own will - tragic things can happen.
  16. And I agree that Christ would have been crucified, with or without Judas' betrayal. God, I think makes room for the ability to freely choose. I have always felt sorry for Judas and sure wouldn't want to be in his shoes. The lesson is about God's will, not our or the world's will.
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  17. I share you empathy. How horrible it must have been for him after he did what he did. But, you know, from John's description of him at the Last Supper, I think he, at that point, had pretty much given himself over to evil. I don't think he just made a terrible mistake, I think he really contemplated it and signed himself over. But, only God knows his heart and what his fate is.
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  18. Judas showed genuine remorse before he died. I believe he is in heaven.

    Matt 7:23 Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders.

    Jesus told God to forgive those who crucified Him. We assume Jesus would not ask the same for Judas?
  19. He would have been because there was another to take his place had he repented. But he did not.
  20. But he did. I just gave the verse :confused:.

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