Is Jesus an honored Guest?

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  1. Today’s Christians, myself included, tend to think of God wrongly. We think of Him as the honored guest in our lives.

    My wife and I like to have people over for dinner at times. Wanda likes to cook, and whenever we have guests, she’ll cook up something special – and maybe go overboard with it. And that is a good thing. It’s part of being hospitable.

    We also spend time talking with our guests, and maybe we’ll watch a movie together. But eventually, it’s time for the guests to leave. We then clean up and retire for the evening.

    That’s the nice thing about guests: you can enjoy the fellowship, and then enjoy getting back to your own lives when they leave. Generally, guests don’t overstay their welcome.

    A guest may be greatly honored, but a guest does not have the same rights as the home owner does. A guest can’t rearrange furniture, move his stuff in and yours out. He can’t dictate what kind of food will be served and when. None of that. A guest just comes, and then leaves.

    When we enter into a relationship with our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, it is not a guest relationship. Rather, it is one where God now becomes the Owner and Master, and we become His children. He has the right to dictate what stays and what goes in our lives. We don’t have the right to kick Him out when we feel He’s overstayed His welcome – when we think He’s getting a little too demanding.

    We worship God, but do we seek His will and obey Him? That also is worship.
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  2. Amen! Very well put..
  3. I agree with this; we repent is Jesus' name, we do not say "welcome Jesus, fancy being my friend". Of course Jesus is our friend, perhaps the best friend we can have, but as @Fadingman has said; He isn't a guest but the awesome being that died for all out sins! We are his children and He is the commanding entity.
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  4. We are Jesus' guests. We are the honored guests because HE chose us to be so. We can never over stay our welcome with Jesus. HE wants us to stay.
    This is a good post Fadingman :) well put
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  5. I was thinking about adding something like this too, but you beat me to it! :)
  6. Fadingman Hello Brother,

    For me and my house hold we shal serve the Lord all of our days unto the Glory of The Father. Jesus Knocked and we opened the door and He has not left yet and He is not ever going to leave.

    I see it like this....In praying......we need to need Him in all ways and always. Example.
    Hallowed Be thy name....Praise God and worship Him
    Thy Kingdom Come into me and my home
    Thy will be done here in me and my home just as it is done in Heaven.
    I mean seek Him and His ways and His plan for you daily. It's not my dreams or desires that matter but what is His desire in my life and in my families life. What are His dreams for me and my family. .

    I have learned that where ever GOD IS and WHERE EVER GOD wants me is MY HAPPY PLACE. My place of peace and my place where His provision is and where His Grace is for me. That is where I want to be....My one true desire and I am being prepared more and more every single day to be right there.

    Thats my take in this.....
    Thanks for writing such a wonderful post Brother,
    May you and your family receive a new deeper revelation unto God and His Love and His peace and Plan for your lives...
    Have a great day
  7. Thanks for the comment, Jim!
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