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  1. Is it wrong for any member to offer advice and help to another member? I want to help someone who is new with something but don't know if I can. Let me know if it's okay for me to help.
  2. i dont see why you shouldnt? :)
  3. Thanks Ian Simpson for that. I will help and offer advice where needed.
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  4. By all means-'serve your fellow man' in a Godly manner. ;)
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  5. I don't believe it's wrong. Just be careful and you should be good :)

  6. I felt like someone who shall remain nameless was trying to say,"no, Dana, don't help anyone try to change their life."
  7. No, I think helping is good :) I don't know who said that, but helping each other out is what we are called to do.

    I think the only thing I would suggest is to be careful that the things that you help them with matches up with God's will for that person's life.

    For example, let's say God tells me that I am to finish up my senior year at a Bible school, even though I may not want to. Someone comes up to me and tells me, "Katie.....I believe you should leave Bible school and get a degree in something totally different." I cannot listen to that person's advice when I already know that God's will for me is to finish up at Bible school to get a degree in ministry.
  8. Oh, yeah. I will definetly be careful.
  9. Also, I do have hopefully one last question: are people allowed to make fun of someone for not going to church? I just want people to respect me and my beliefs.
  10. I'll answer your question with one of my own....

    What do you think? :)

  11. No, it's not okay to question someone's church goings.
  12. Then I think you've answered your own question :)

  13. Okay. But I think people here need to leave me alone about going, not going to church.
  14. its your choice if you dont go to church or are unable too but if you are able your missing out :)
  15. What's interesting is that nobody seems to care WHICH church you attend. (I definitely don't care)

    I attend a variety of churches, intermittently, and I draw a lot of inspiration from the sermons, always. It seems to me that God is pleased with our consideration of Him (as he demands) and whether you do it in a church, or stop to give Him thanks while hiking somewhere beautiful, or wherever you pause to glorify Him, the location is somewhat irrelevant.

    What matters, imho, is that your heart is pure in worship and love of Him, and that you are truly amazed by Him and His gifts.

    Some people need the guidance and structure of organized worship. Some people may not.
  16. ofcourse you can, for the Lord said carry one anothers burdens.
  17. I personally messaged these people to ask them to not worry about me going to church. Wonder what they'll say.
  18. People are going to fight you or be rude to you for no reason. People have a right to share their opinion with you and how they feel just as you have the right to share your opinion with others as well.

    You can't say people cannot share their opinion. That's controlling. I have a best friend. I met him at Bible school. Him and I have gotten SO close this past four months, and I have found that there were times when I wanted to control this man. And then I realized something: I cannot control anyone, I can only control what I do.

    He would speak into my life, as much as I would not want him to. And I would speak into his life as much as he didn't want me to. And I found myself, "Who gives him the right to speak into my life like this? No one." And I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

    People have a right to speak. We can't go around saying that they can't.

    I think what you need to do is pray about this. See why you are getting really upset over it. Ask God, "Why does this upset me so much?" And He'll answer. If He doesn't right away, keep asking.

    People can speak into your life. You just have to learn to accept it. There are many times when I'm corrected or talked to, and sure, it's not pleasant to go through, but I know it's for my best.

    If you choose not to go to church, that's your decision. However, people will share their opinions with you because they believe that church is important. You gotta just accept the fact that people are going to tell you things. It's just part of life. If I missed work without calling in, my boss would tell me, "Well, Katie, this is your job. This is your responsibility. This is important to go to work." My boss shared their opinion with me, and I have to learn to accept that.
  19. Okay. I started an I'm sorry thread to apologize about the things I have done up to this point as a member of the forums.
  20. hi dana.....:)
    i like your spirit.
    i think you oughtta go ahead and speak what's on your heart.
    you have a humility in what you asked about offering advise
    that qualifies you as a 'safe' person to approach them.

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