Is it wrong......

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  1. Is it wrong......

    Is it wrong to want to leave this world and want Heaven so badly? even in the best of days I find myself wanting to be with the One who has given me breath for fourty eight years. my kids think it is a little selfish, and they may be right because they say I have something to do here first. In a very short time I have come to find that this world and all of it's worth is nothing compared to what He has done for me. this can't be a bad thing, can it?

  2. Lee,

    The apostle Paul expressed the same desire and I myself find at times that my heart is longing to be in my eternal home. So, in that respect your not alone.

    W have peace in that our presence here is at His will and our labor to his glory both here and in heaven.

    Remember that there is a lot of work to be done here .Loved ones and lost that need to hear of the joy we have in the LORD. And so few willing and able to speak.

    Let's not loose sight of heaven but as long as were here do the will of the one who suistains us,our father.

  3. Lee - you may have answered your own question. We should not question God's plan for us or even claim to understand it at times.

    God gave us all Free Will to accept Him and His Son, OR to accept the doctrines of Satan. God will never force anyone to love Him. BUT once we DO find and accept Him, it then becomes our responsibility to work FOR HIM. Our job in His workforce varies with each of us and we will be guided by His love to those things which we can assist Him with here on earth. If we can sow the seeds of Truth and have just one person find the Lord, our job will have been quite worth it.

    Your life here on earth may include assisting someone to find God that you have not even met as yet. Our task is to maintain ourselves as a member of His army and to do what we can to share the Truth with others. While the thought of eternal life is exciting, we must not loose focus on what our job here on earth is. Our time in the flesh is short in the overall scheme of things and we should all be glad to help others to find the Truth before our time comes to join our Father in His Kingdom.
  4. Nothing at all wrong with that heart- that is a heart God can and will use hear and now- one that is sold out to Him is of great value to Him on earth and in the hereafter!
  5. Theophilus Pastor Gary Boanerges

    thank you for your help and understanding, sorry for hitting on the advice so much already. This is a new life for me measured only in months and my home town has very little or no answers. Again thank you, and I will try not to be a pest

  6. Thirsty,

    I think this is verse Theophilus mentioned. It describes your situation exactly. From Philipians 1:

    Paul concludes that he'll keep working until Christ calls him home. I think it's a message we can all learn from.
  7. we have a lot to do,teaching good from bad ,rooting out wrong ,being witnesses for the end,get stuck into life.have you heard of chinese whispers were a story gets added to over a period,imagine this with scripture and false statements.but over generations.freightening.
  8. Smellycat you need to get saved- you can't be a christian and not believe the Word of God that would be an oxymoron-
  9. Hello everyone

    Thank you for your time and understanding, and making me feel at home.

    God Bless
  10. You are most welcome here and we love you in Jesus Name- your brother Larry
  11. i do believe the word of God.
  12. Welcome abroad Lee, it's nice to have you around.
  13. Thanks mustardseed :)

  14. Smellycat I am glad to here that- please review the scriptures I have been posting for you- they have a definite message for you- not my message but God's message, after all He wrote them thru His servants.

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