Is it wrong to worry about relationships?

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by New Life, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Is it wrong to worry about relationships?

    Between the ages of 15 and 17, I was in two long term relationships, which ultimately ended. Since then (2 years), I haven't had a single relationship.

    When I became a Christian back in January, it was something that was really getting me down. I was feeling lonely, and within a few weeks, God blessed me with a girlfriend. However, God gives and takes away, and he very quickly alerted me to the fact that having a girlfriend wasn't right at that particular time, so I broke up with her.

    Recently though, I've started to get those lonely feelings again. It just seems that a lot of my friends seem to be in happy relationships, and I feel a bit down that I don't have a companion. It definately isn't a sexual issue, it's more I feel that I'd like someone to speak to on a deeper spritual level, and be really open with, and to have someone special for me.

    Equally, I get the opinion from people within my church that when God feels it's right to put you in a relationship, he will. Is this the general opinion of all Christians, or is it ok to pray for some form of companionship?

    I'm not really sure how I feel right now. While I don't feel desperate for a girlfriend, I'd like one, and I'm going on 20 now. Isn't that the time a lot of guys start meeting their "ones"?

    What are general Christian opinions of young adult relationships?
  2. When you feel you 'need' a girlfriend or you just aren't complete, then it is for the wrong reason.
    Find yourself first.
    Find total peace with God.
    That is just my opinion.
    God Bless~
  3. There is nothing wrong with praying and sharing with God how you feel and what are your desires. God wants us to communicate with Him. He wants us to pray at all times. People marry at different times. There are no rules. However, it is good not to rush into anything. Whenever you are in a relationship, ask God to let you know if this is a relationship He approves of. He will let you know and guide you. God has a plan for you, get close to Him so that you will know His will for you, for your life. Fix your eyes on Him in every situation and trust Him. :D
  4. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with praying for your mate. I can remember praying for whoever God would put in my life as my helpmate from the age of 15 and on up...

    I think the point your friends at church are making is that when you get to the point where you're fine just living your life for God, and to the point where you trust He will lead and guide you and bless you with more than even your heart can desire, that's when God usually opens doors to the spouse of your dreams (and in my case, more than I imagined!!).

    So, praying is SO not a bad thing!!

    Worrying, well of course we're not to worry. But we all do, and in that, praying also helps.

    So, I say pray not for a relationship, but instead for the person who God wills for you, who will not only love you and supply your desire for a deep connection to another person, but also for the woman who is going to be Godly and who will help you, just as you do the same for her, in her walk, and who will be a blessing in your life.


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