is it true what my friend is saying??

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  1. my friend she knows more about the bible then me

    its not a good idea to listen to songs of virgin mary

    its like having an evil idol is that true???
  2. you could say that reading Matthew, Mark, Luke or John is like having a false idol just because they wrote the gospels and not Jesus himself. As long as it glorifies God then i can't see a problem.
  3. She may "know the Bible" better than you, but in and of itself, that boast has no value. Moses and Elijah never read the Bible, yet they stood with Jesus at the Transfiguration. Satan knows the Bible better than all of us.

    The Virgin Mary is one of the most saintly people who ever lived (regardless of your views on the Roman Catholic Marian doctrine).
    As long as you remember that you owe your praise and service to God and not any of His creation you will do fine.
  4. It's important to know the Bible. But the most important thing is - Knowing Jesus Himself. When you are up in heaven, God's not going to ask you, "So how much of a Bible scholar were you?" Instead, He'll ask, "Did you follow Jesus Christ my Son? Did you love Him with your whole heart?"

    Knowing the Bible is important - and I feel that we should study it and try to memorize scriptures. Because Satan also knows his bible, and he will attack you. Knowing your bible, it'll be good because when Satan attacks you, you can fight back with your scriptures. That's why in Ephesians 6, it tells you to take the sword of faith (which is the BIBLE) to defend yourself from Satan. It's important to know your Bible! :)

    So when your friend starts saying that, shrug it off. You aren't here to please people but of God.
  5. This is actually a good question.

    I think the answer would depend on what your friend has in mind when she talks about songs of the virgin Mary. If she's talking about songs that encourage or promote the worship of Mary, or songs that give more praise to Mary than, and exalt her over Jesus (and yeah, some people seem to do that), then I agree whole-heartedly with your friend. Jesus is the God that Created the universe and He alone deserves our worship.
    However, if your friend is saying that just any 'ol song about Mary, even ones that don't extol Mary in the context of worship, are sinful, then I would disagree. Expressing love for your sister in-Christ is not a sin unless you let that expression of love take priority in your life by expressing love for her first and Christ second. Christ should not be second place in anyone's life.

    I would suggest that you not shrug it off. Its always best to be clear on issues like these. So instead, ask your friend what particular type of song of the virgin Mary she means and go from there.

    [[Tip: Whenever someone makes a claim to you about the Bible, there's a 2-step standard process you should always follow. (1) Always ask them what verse(s) they get their belief from, and (2) open your Bible and read, not just the verse(s) they cite, but the whole passage or more to get the context. It may be that the person making claims has taken a verse or verses out of context and has consequently gotten an incorrect meaning from them.]]
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  6. If your friend really knows the BIBLE, then she must have told you to "search the Scriptures" and find the first requirement to be a REAL CHRISTIAN.

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